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Trivia Quiz - Laguna Beach: Seasons 1-3

Think you know all about "Laguna Beach"? The Real Orange County? Try you're luck with this quiz. Questions pertain to all three seasons of the show.

Quiz Number: 1160
Date Submitted: May 01, 2007
Quiz Categories: TV Reality Shows
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lagunaxgirl
Average Score: 62.9 percent
Times Taken: 56 times
Taken by Registered Users: 6

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Laguna Beach Seasons 1 3
(Image Source: Laguna Beach)

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1. In the very first episode, when LC & Lo had the "Black & White Affair," who was the only person to wear a white dress?
  A.   Kristin
  B.   Morgan O.
  C.   Lo
  D.   Jessica

2. In season 2, who did Jason take to the prom?
  A.   Jessica
  B.   Alex M.
  C.   Cami
  D.   Morgan S.

3. In which music video did clips of Laguna Beach Season 3 appear?
  A.   Christina Aguilera "Candyman"
  B.   All American Rejects "It Ends Tonight"
  C.   Akon "Smack That"
  D.   Mims "This Is Why I'm Hot"

4. What is the name of Dieter's charity?
  A.   Running Home 4 Teens (RH4T)
  B.   Lets Run 4 the Teens (LR4TT)
  C.   Charity Running (CR)
  D.   Running 4 Teens (R4T)

5. Where did Alex H., Kristin, Jessica, Talan, & Jeff B. go after Jason & Jessica broke up?
  A.   Cabo
  B.   Mammoth
  C.   Los Angeles
  D.   New York

6. In season one, where did Christina and Morgan O. spend their spring break?
  A.   New York
  B.   Cabo
  C.   Miami
  D.   Los Angeles

7. At Alex H.'s fiesta, who was Jessica crushing on, only to find out that Kristin hooked up with her crush?
  A.   Tyler
  B.   Jason
  C.   Jeff B.
  D.   Jeff C.

8. While Kyndra was dating Tyler, who did she hook up with at prom?
  A.   Derek
  B.   Kelan
  C.   Nick W
  D.   Cameron

9. What is the name of the band that Kelan & Chase are in?
  A.   Open Air Stereo
  B.   Open Air Speakers
  C.   Stereo's Open Air
  D.   OAR

10. What is the name of Trey's charity?
  A.   Young Americans are Active (YAA)
  B.   Active Young America (AYA)
  C.   Active Young Americans in Laguna Beach (AYALB)
  D.   Laguna Beach is Active (LBA)®   

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