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Trivia Quiz - Batman: 1960s TV Series Basics

Quiz on The 1966 Batman TV Series. written by irishmiss.

Quiz Number: 1145
Date Submitted: April 30, 2007
Quiz Categories: American TV Dramas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: irishmiss
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Batman 1960s TV Series Basics
(Image Source: Batman Title Card)

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1. How many miles did Batman and Robin have to travel from The Batcave to Gotham City ?
  A.   9 miles
  B.   21 miles
  C.   14 miles
  D.   16 miles

2. What was one of the license plate numbers of the Batmobile ?
  A.   GC-66
  B.   2F-3567
  C.   BW-1
  D.   BR- 5993

3. What kind of Frosty Freezys did Mr. Freeze try to make Batman & Robin into?
  A.   Cherry & Strawberry
  B.   Lemon & Kiwi
  C.   Pineapple & Lime
  D.   Blueberry & Raspberry

4. Who were 2 of the actors who portrayed Mr. Freeze in the TV series?
  A.   Frank Gorshin & John Astin
  B.   Neil Hamilton & Stafford Repp
  C.   George Sanders & Eli Wallach
  D.   Alan Napier & David Lewis

5. One of the Batman villains was Marsha, Queen of Diamonds. What was her Aunt's name?
  A.   Aunt Wanda
  B.   Aunt Hilda
  C.   Aunt Harriet
  D.   Aunt Clara

6. How many actresses portrayed the purrfectly purfect, Catwoman?
  A.   4
  B.   2
  C.   1
  D.   3

7. In what part of his body was Robin shot by the villain, Shame in the "Its How You Play The Game" Episode?
  A.   His arm
  B.   His heel
  C.   His back
  D.   Missed him all together

8. What was the name of The Riddler's moll in episodes 11 & 12, "A Riddle A Day Keeps The Riddler Away" & "When The Cats Away, The Mice Will Play"?
  A.   Shirley
  B.   Mousie
  C.   Betsy Boldface
  D.   Anna Gram

9. Which one of The Three Stooges Actors was in episode # 51 & 52, "Hizzoner, The Penguin" & "Dizzoner, The Penguin?"
  A.   Curley Howard
  B.   Larry Fine
  C.   Moe Howard
  D.   Joe Besser

10. Who was one of the writers for The 1966 Batman TV Series?
  A.   Stanley Ralph Ross
  B.   Howie Horwitz
  C.   Lorenzo Semple Jr.
  D.   Robert Butler®   

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