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Trivia Quiz - Three's Company Character Match

This hilarious show was very much based on misconceptions and misunderstandings. "Three's Company" trivia right here!

Quiz Number: 1002
Date Submitted: March 24, 2007
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: garrett
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Threes Company Character Match
(Image Source: Three's Company Cast)

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1. As a recent divorcee, she is what you would call hot-to-trot. The only thing keeping her from being with Jack is pesky Ralph Furley, who has a knack for always showing up at the wrong time.
  A.   Cindy Snow
  B.   Helen Roper
  C.   Chrissy Snow
  D.   Lana Shields

2. He’s not comfortable with Jack being gay. But as long as the rent’s paid and the noise is kept to a minimum, he can live with it. Too bad he can’t seem to find a way to live with his doting wife, Helen.
  A.   Stanley Roper
  B.   Larry Dallas
  C.   Ralph Furley
  D.   Jack Tripper

3. Dependable, whip-smart, and solid to a fault, she is the one to turn to in a pinch. Quick-witted and a bit sassy, she is definitely the brains in this bunch--just don’t call her sensible!
  A.   Cindy Snow
  B.   Janet Wood
  C.   Terri Alden
  D.   Chrissy Snow

4. This shameless ladies’ man can be a bit uncouth when it comes to women, and it may only be sheer coincidence that he’s also a used car salesman by trade.
  A.   Stanley Roper
  B.   Ralph Furley
  C.   Jack Tripper
  D.   Larry Dallas

5. It’s easy to peg her as nothing more than a ditzy blonde, with her snorting laugh and faulty logic, but she’s always paying attention to what’s going on around her.
  A.   Cindy Snow
  B.   Terri Alden
  C.   Chrissy Snow
  D.   Helen Roper

6. She enjoys having “the kids” in the building and is open to their freer way of looking at life, if only stuffy old Stanley could be too. She knows what’s going on upstairs and she’s not telling Stanley.
  A.   Chrissy Snow
  B.   Helen Roper
  C.   Lana Shields
  D.   Terri Shields

7. This aspiring chef is suave with the ladies and clever and fun-loving. He has to pretend to be gay in order to secure his living situation.
  A.   Ralph Furley
  B.   Larry Dallas
  C.   Jack Tripper
  D.   Stanley Roper

8. When she dons her nursing whites, she's all business. She has no time for chit-chat, or flirtatious men, but when she lets her hair down at home or at the Regal Beagle, this striking blonde is proof that brains and beauty can easily co-exist.
  A.   Janet Wood
  B.   Cindy Snow
  C.   Chrissy Snow
  D.   Terri Alden

9. He becomes the roommates’ new landlord when the Ropers sell their building to his brother. He has something of a Mr. Magoo sensibility when it comes to fashion.
  A.   Ralph Furley
  B.   Jack Tripper
  C.   Stanley Roper
  D.   Larry Dallas

10. This sweet-natured, UCLA co-ed moves into apartment 201 when her cousin Chrissy moves back home to tend to her ailing mother. Her roommates are always happy to have her around, even if it means something will end up busted or broken.
  A.   Terri Alden
  B.   Cindy Snow
  C.   Janet Wood
  D.   Helen Roper®   

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