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Quizzes submitted by wrangler

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Celebrities' Real Names: Part 1Celebrities' Real Names  wrangler1,72652.6
2 Celebrities' Real Names: Part 10Celebrities' Real Names  wrangler49440.7
3 Celebrities' Real Names: Part 2Celebrities' Real Names  wrangler32946.9
4 Celebrities' Real Names: Part 3Celebrities' Real Names  wrangler26557.4
5 Celebrities' Real Names: Part 5Celebrities' Real Names  wrangler20347.4
6 Celebrities' Real Names: Part 6Celebrities' Real Names  wrangler16247.7
7 Famous Horse Riders and Their HorsesAmerican TV Dramas  wrangler10835.4
8 The Horses My Heroes RodeTV, Radio & Stage, Western Movies  wrangler30350.9
9 Soap Operas--Past and PresentTV Soap Operas  wrangler21555.5
10 TV Western Stars and Their RolesTelevision Stars, TV Dramas  wrangler94169.8

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