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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 1954 Milan Indians Basketball Team--The Real Hoosiers!!Basketball, Your School Quizzes  dartjock4468.4
2 1973 in AmericaAmerican History  dartjock1,02447.3
3 1973- The Year in U.S. SportsSports  dartjock3148.4
4 2012 NFL Referee LockoutNFL Football  dartjock1648.1
5 A.J. Foyt: All Time Great Auto RacerAuto RacingA.J. Foyt  dartjock7953.9
6 Abbott and Costello- Who's on First?Comedy Movies  dartjock13166.4
7 Abigail Van BurenFictional Characters, American Culture, AuthorsAbigail Van Buren  dartjock4943.1
8 AC/DC 101AC/DC  dartjock6151.6
9 AC/DC BasicsAC/DC  dartjock4566.7
10 AC/DC: AdvancedAC/DC  dartjock2855.4
11 Ace Frehley - KISS MusicianGlam Rock, KISSAce Frehley  dartjock14476.7
12 ADT: The World's Largest Security CompanyBusiness, Your Work Place Quizzes  dartjock7055
13 Al Kaline- First Ballot Hall of FamerMajor League BaseballAl Kaline  dartjock4568.2
14 Albert Pujols: A Hitting MachineMajor League BaseballAlbert Pujols  dartjock3063
15 Alex Karras-Athlete and ActorFootballAlex Karras  dartjock1758.2
16 Alex Smith: San Francisco 49er QBNFL FootballAlex Smith  dartjock7647.9
17 Alice: The TV SeriesAmerican TV Sitcoms  dartjock51478.1
18 Allan Pinkerton: Innovative LawmanOld West Lawmen & OutlawsAllan Pinkerton  dartjock7555.7
19 Allen Iverson-Sixer GreatBasketballAllen Iverson  dartjock38571.8
20 American DadAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  dartjock11971.8
21 American Game Show CatchphrasesTV Game Shows  dartjock15488.4
22 American Television Game ShowsTV Game Shows  dartjock14278.6
23 Andre Agassi: A Tennis GreatTennisAndre K Agassi  dartjock7550
24 Angus Young: AC/DC Guitar LegendAC/DCAngus Young  dartjock6270.3
25 Annette Funicello- America's Favorite MouseketeerTelevision StarsAnnette Funicello  dartjock14463.1
26 Anthony Hopkins - Classic ActorMovie StarsAnthony Hopkins  dartjock5660.5
27 AquamanAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Fiction Books, Fictional Characters  dartjock54952.5
28 Arian Foster: Super TexanNFL FootballArian Foster  dartjock7156.1
29 Army WivesAmerican TV Dramas  dartjock18185.9
30 Arnold Palmer - Golfing PioneerGolf, TV SportscastersArnold D Palmer  dartjock19550.2
31 Arnold Schwarzenegger - Hollywood Big ManMoviesArnold Schwarzenegger  dartjock4368.4
32 Arthur Ashe - Tennis LegendTennisArthur Ashe  dartjock10554.2
33 The Average HumanVarious  dartjock1752.9
34 Barack Obama: First Black US PresidentAmerican Presidents, World Leaders, American GovernmentBarack Obama  dartjock18263.1
35 Barry Larkin - Reds CaptainMajor League BaseballBarry Larkin  dartjock1363.1
36 Barry Sanders-Lightning in a BottleNFL FootballBarry Sanders  dartjock5054.4
37 Baseball Players with Animal NicknamesMajor League Baseball  dartjock7571.6
38 Baseball Players' Nicknames  dartjock3872.4
39 Baseball Triple Crown Winners - FactsMajor League Baseball  dartjock4948.4
40 Baseball's Pitching Triple CrownMajor League Baseball  dartjock2017.5
41 Baseball's Triple CrownMajor League Baseball  dartjock3163.9
42 Bat Masterson: LawmanOld West Lawmen & OutlawsBat Masterson  dartjock9660
43 Batman: The Dark KnightAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Fictional Characters, Animated Movies  dartjock7175.4
44 Belle Starr: Female OutlawOld West Lawmen & OutlawsBelle Starr  dartjock9960.4
45 Ben RoethlisbergerNFL Football, FootballBen Roethlisberger  dartjock10266.3
46 Billy Mays: King of PitchBusiness, American Culture, Television StarsBilly Mays  dartjock5455.2
47 Billy the KidOld West Lawmen & OutlawsHenry McCarty  dartjock52963
48 Blind MusiciansMusic  dartjock4354.4
49 Bo Jackson- Bo Knows!SportsBo Jackson  dartjock22462.8
50 Bob DoleAmerican GovernmentBob Dole  dartjock5345.8
51 Bob Feller- Baseball GreatMajor League BaseballBob Feller  dartjock5653.2
52 Bob Knight--Controversial CoachBig Ten Men's BasketballBobby Knight  dartjock6471.4
53 Bob's BurgersAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  dartjock58094
54 Bobby Dall: Poison MusicianPoisonBobby Dall  dartjock3562.3
55 Bodies of WaterGeography  dartjock11647.8
56 Bond GirlsMovies  dartjock3969.5
57 Bonnie Franklin- Television ActressTelevision StarsBonnie Franklin  dartjock2565.6
58 Booker T Washington- Last Generation SlaveAmerican HistoryBooker T. Washington  dartjock8056.3
59 Boy Scouts of AmericaAmerican Culture, Non-Profit Foundations  dartjock35655.5
60 Boy Scouts of America - Part 2American Culture, Non-Profit Foundations  dartjock3653.1
61 The Brady Bunch NamesThe Brady Bunch  dartjock30770.9
62 Bret Michaels: Poison Front ManSingers, PoisonBret Michaels  dartjock10063.7
63 Brian Johnson: AC/DC FrontmanAC/DCBrian Johnson  dartjock6964.1
64 Bruce LeeMovie Stars, Television StarsBruce Lee  dartjock34665.3
65 Bruno Sammartino- Wrestling GiantProfessional WrestlingBruno Sammartino  dartjock3360
66 Bud Abbott- Who's Funny?Comedy MoviesBud Abbott  dartjock7360.8
67 Budweiser: "King of Beers"Business, Food & Drink  dartjock87956.5
68 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance KidOld West Lawmen & Outlaws  dartjock15965.8
69 C.C.DeVille - Poison MusicianPoison, Glam RockC.C. DeVille  dartjock20657.7
70 Cal Ripken Jr. - Iron ManMajor League BaseballCal Ripken Jr. dartjock6453.9
71 Cameron Diaz: Movie RolesMoviesCameron Diaz  dartjock1552.7
72 Candy SlogansFood & Drink  dartjock1,45969
73 Carl Yastrzemski - Red Sox GreatMajor League BaseballCarl Yastrzemski  dartjock5670.9
74 Carlton Fisk- Catching GreatMajor League BaseballCarlton Fisk  dartjock2166.7
75 Cereal MascotsTV, Radio & Stage, American Culture, Food & Drink  dartjock23071.1
76 Chad Ochocinco: Elite Wide ReceiverNFL FootballChad Ochocinco  dartjock560
77 Charles Barkley-NBA GreatBasketballCharles Barkley  dartjock3767.3
78 Charles Ponzi- Con ArtistCrime & LawCharles Ponzi  dartjock3454.7
79 Chipper Jones-True BraveMajor League BaseballChipper Jones  dartjock3755.1
80 Chris FergusonProfessional PokerChris Ferguson  dartjock650
81 Chris Jericho- Wrestling GreatProfessional WrestlingChris Jericho  dartjock2262.3
82 Chris Webber-Fab 5 MemberBasketballChris Webber  dartjock1671.9
83 Chriss Angel - Master MagicianMagiciansChriss Angel  dartjock1549.3
84 Christian - WWE SuperstarProfessional WrestlingWilliam Reso  dartjock6474.4
85 Christopher LeeMovie StarsChristopher FC Lee  dartjock6760.3
86 Christopher Lloyd- His Life and Movie RolesMoviesChristopher Lloyd  dartjock3459.4
87 Chuck Norris-Tough GuyMovies, Television StarsChuck Norris  dartjock6738.4
88 Cincinnati Reds: "The Big Red Machine"MLB National League Central  dartjock24255.9
89 Classic Literature: Title-Author MatchLiterature  dartjock6581.5
90 Claude Akins- Powerful ActorMoviesClaude Akins  dartjock9055.9
91 College Basketball Coaches' NicknamesCollege Basketball - Men's  dartjock4986.7
92 ComediansComedians  dartjock7671.3
93 Connie Mack-The Great oneMajor League BaseballConnie Mack  dartjock1450
94 Cy Young-Baseball IconMajor League BaseballCy Young  dartjock1155.5
95 Dale Earnhardt - Nascar LegendAuto RacingDale Earnhardt Jr. dartjock10069.8
96 Dan Marino: "Air Marino"NFL FootballDan Marino  dartjock11338.1
97 Dana Plato - Troubled Child ActressTelevision StarsDana Plato  dartjock4958.2
98 Danica PatrickAuto RacingDanica Patrick  dartjock7552.8
99 Darryl Dawkins- Thunderous DunkerNBA BasketballDarryl Dawkins  dartjock1260
100 Darryl Strawberry: Fruity MetMajor League BaseballDarryl E Strawberry  dartjock4747

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