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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 60 Minutes: The BasicsTV News Shows  FRANKL19654352.1
2 ABA: American Basketball Association TeamsBasketball  FRANKL19658271.5
3 Actors Who Turned Down Premier Movie RolesMovies, Movie Stars, Movie Stars' Movie Characters  FRANKL196555534.3
4 AFL: Arena Footbal League Team NamesFootball  FRANKL19651578.7
5 Airline SlogansBusiness  FRANKL196510852.4
6 America the Beautiful Quarters ChallengeAmerican Government  FRANKL19655859.7
7 American Theme Park LocationsAmerican Culture, North American Geography  FRANKL196510375
8 Animal-Titled SongsRock -n- Roll, Pop Music  FRANKL196515173.2
9 APFA: The American Professional Football Association: Team NamesNFL Football  FRANKL19652450
10 Back to School: Movie BasicsComedy Movies  FRANKL196518781
11 Barry Williams: American ActorThe Brady Bunch, Television StarsBarry Williams  FRANKL196510557.3
12 Beanie Babies: The Original NineBusiness  FRANKL196521273.8
13 Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream: Celebrity-Inspired FlavorsBusiness, American Culture, Food & Drink  FRANKL196524954.9
14 Ben Affleck: Film Role CharactersMovie Stars' Movie CharactersBen Affleck  FRANKL19655957.6
15 Board Games: The Object of the GameCulture  FRANKL19654382.1
16 Bone Anatomy: Where are the Bones?Science & Nature  FRANKL19654673.3
17 Boy Bands: Who Sang it?Pop Music  FRANKL196510180.2
18 Boy Scout Merit Badges: Part ICulture  FRANKL196526356
19 Boy Scout Merit Badges: Part IICulture  FRANKL196511971.8
20 The Brady Bunch Variety HourThe Brady Bunch, TV Variety Shows  FRANKL196518445.1
21 The Brady Bunch: "Sorry, Right Number"The Brady Bunch  FRANKL196520355.7
22 The Brady Bunch: Beyond the BasicsThe Brady Bunch  FRANKL196527147.1
23 The Brady Bunch: Beyond the Basics IIThe Brady Bunch  FRANKL196518452.2
24 The Brady Bunch: Supporting CharactersThe Brady Bunch  FRANKL196520661
25 The Brady Kids CartoonAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, The Brady Bunch  FRANKL196520284.5
26 CFL: Canadian Football League Teams Past and PresentFootball  FRANKL19652379.1
27 Chicago: The BandRock -n- Roll, Pop Music  FRANKL196530964.8
28 Christopher Knight: American ActorThe Brady Bunch, Television StarsChristopher Knight  FRANKL19657252.6
29 College and University Mascot Nicknames: Part ISports, Colleges & Universities  FRANKL196514954
30 College and University Mascot Nicknames: Part IISports, Colleges & Universities  FRANKL196511658.8
31 Company AcronymsBusiness  FRANKL19656050.5
32 Denim Jean SlogansAmerican Culture  FRANKL196535244.9
33 Dumb and Dumber: Movie ChallengeComedy Movies  FRANKL196529272.3
34 Edible Songs: Songs with Foods in the TitleRock -n- Roll, Pop Music  FRANKL196511968.4
35 English ProverbsLiterature  FRANKL19653083.3
36 Eve Plumb: American ActressThe Brady Bunch, Television StarsEve Plumb  FRANKL19659165.8
37 Fast Food Chains: Whose Burger Is It, Anyway?Food & Drink  FRANKL196521052.4
38 Fast Food: Calorie CountBusiness, Food & Drink  FRANKL19658932.4
39 Fictional Characters' NamesFictional Characters  FRANKL196532339.6
40 Fictitious Movie Quarterback's NumbersMovies, Fictional Characters, Football  FRANKL19652045
41 Flipper: Everyone's Favorite Dolphin!TV Dramas  FRANKL196510458
42 General Motors: Identify the BrandAmerican Culture, Automotive Industry  FRANKL196539365.9
43 Gold and Silver: SongsRock -n- Roll, Pop Music  FRANKL19657248.8
44 Heisman Trophy Winners: QuarterbacksCollege Football  FRANKL19654563.1
45 Hot and Cold SongsRock -n- Roll, Pop Music, Rock Music  FRANKL196513164
46 Hotel Advertising SlogansBusiness  FRANKL19659146.5
47 Howard Stern: Not So Shocking FactoidsTV, Radio & Stage, RadioHoward Stern  FRANKL19655473.7
48 Incontrovertible Truths and Other Surprising FactsCulture  FRANKL19653550
49 Jeff Bridges: Film Character MatchMovie Stars' Movie CharactersJeff Bridges  FRANKL19653057
50 Kangaroo FactsAnimals & Animal Study  FRANKL196519354.9
51 Kitchen MeasurementsFood & Drink  FRANKL19651,04555.5
52 Kool-Aid: Original FlavorsBusiness, Food & Drink  FRANKL196516169.8
53 The Liberty Bell: Symbol of FreedomAmerican History  FRANKL19658060
54 Madagascar: Movie CharactersAnimated Movies  FRANKL196515684.4
55 Major U.S. AirportsNorth American Geography  FRANKL196512970.4
56 Martin Sheen: American ActorMovie Stars, Television StarsMartin Sheen  FRANKL19653746.2
57 Maureen McCormick: American ActressThe Brady Bunch, Television StarsMaureen McCormick  FRANKL196520947.7
58 Mike Lookinland: American ActorThe Brady Bunch, Television StarsMike Lookinland  FRANKL19657961.5
59 Mike Post: TV Theme Composer ExtraordinaireTV, Radio & Stage, MusicMike Post  FRANKL19652149.5
60 MISL: Major Indoor Soccer League Teams (1979-1992)Soccer  FRANKL19654268.1
61 More Cowbell Part I: Songs Featuring The CowbellMusic  FRANKL19652168.1
62 More Cowbell Part II: Songs Featuring The CowbellMusic  FRANKL1965656.7
63 Mortal Kombat: The CharactersCulture  FRANKL19654986.3
64 NBA ChampionsNBA Basketball  FRANKL19658875.8
65 NBA: Championship RingsNBA Basketball  FRANKL196513367.1
66 NBA: Player's Nicknames INBA Basketball  FRANKL19651,12082.9
67 NFL Europe: City-Team Match GameNFL Football, Football  FRANKL19651179.1
68 NFL Players' NicknamesNFL Football  FRANKL196514665.1
69 NFL Quarterback Jersey Numbers: Part INFL Football  FRANKL196511972.2
70 NFL Quarterback Jersey Numbers: Part IINFL Football  FRANKL19656582.8
71 NFL Quarterbacks: Retired Gridiron GreatsNFL Football  FRANKL196512148
72 NFL: Helmet Logo ChallengeNFL Football  FRANKL196529435.3
73 NFL: Pro Football Rule BookNFL Football  FRANKL196525644.2
74 NFL: Rookies of the YearNFL Football  FRANKL19652957.6
75 NHL Player NicknamesNHL Hockey  FRANKL19656280.2
76 NHL: Defunct TeamsNHL Hockey  FRANKL19656972.5
77 Night & Day Songs: Songs With Night or Day in the TitleRock -n- Roll, Pop Music  FRANKL19658872.8
78 Office Space: Movie ChallengeComedy Movies  FRANKL196516067.6
79 Official Languages of Select CountriesWorld Culture, Geography  FRANKL196515644.2
80 One Hit Wonders: 70's DecadePop Music  FRANKL196512160.9
81 One More for the Road: Songs about RoadwaysMusic, Pop Music  FRANKL19656264.2
82 One-Word Platinum Rock AlbumsMusic, Rock -n- Roll  FRANKL19654674.1
83 Pac-Man: The OriginalTechnology  FRANKL196519160.1
84 Paul Giamatti: American ActorMovie StarsPaul Giamatti  FRANKL19652749.3
85 People Magazine FactsLiterature, Business  FRANKL196521152.4
86 Plumbing TermsCulture  FRANKL196572965.9
87 Police Hundred CodeCrime & Law  FRANKL19652841.8
88 Police Phonetic AlphabetCrime & Law  FRANKL196554687.6
89 Police Radio "10" CodesCrime & Law  FRANKL196535761
90 Potpourri: The NOT QuizCulture  FRANKL19652457.1
91 The Powerpuff Girls: Series BasicsAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  FRANKL196517875.6
92 Product MascotsBusiness, American Culture  FRANKL196513484.5
93 Quincy, M.E.: The SeriesTV Dramas  FRANKL196519083.4
94 Right and Wrong SongsRock -n- Roll, Pop Music  FRANKL19656553.8
95 Robbie Rist: American Actor & MusicianThe Brady Bunch, Rock Music, Television StarsRobbie Rist  FRANKL19656757.2
96 Rock and Roll Obscure Facts #1Rock -n- Roll, Pop Music, Rock Music  FRANKL196517341.6
97 Rock and Roll Obscure Facts #2Rock -n- Roll, Pop Music, Rock Music  FRANKL196516539
98 Rock Drummers: Name the DrummerRock -n- Roll, Pop Music  FRANKL19659575.6
99 Rock Keyboardists: Name the KeyboardistRock -n- Roll, Pop Music  FRANKL19653868.4
100 The Rockford Files: The Series BasicsAmerican TV Dramas  FRANKL196564265.6

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