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Quizzes submitted by solitaire

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 The Bee Gees: English Pop GroupDisco, Pop Music  solitaire71867.9
2 Charlie's Angels: Hot Chick CopsAmerican TV Dramas  solitaire23878.6
3 Dark Shadows: Beware the Full MoonAmerican TV Dramas, TV Sci-Fi  solitaire21383
4 Doris Day: The Girl Next DoorTV, Radio & Stage, MusicDoris Day  solitaire52863.3
5 Elizabeth Taylor: American Acting LegendMovie StarsElizabeth Taylor  solitaire44962.5
6 Famous July 4th BirthdaysSports, Movie Stars, Authors, Television Stars  solitaire5458
7 Great Disney Villains of All-TimeAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Fantasy Movies  solitaire46379.7
8 Lets All Go On A Picnic!Food & Drink  solitaire2,41362.3
9 Mickey Rooney - What an Entertainer!Movie Stars, BroadwayMickey Rooney  solitaire21265
10 The Partridge Family: When We're Singing!American TV Sitcoms, Pop Music  solitaire78879.1
11 Peanuts: Good Grief Charlie Brown!Peanuts Animated Series  solitaire22290.1
12 Reba Show - I Am a Survivor!American TV Sitcoms  solitaire52070
13 Vincent Price: Prince of HorrorMovie StarsVincent Price  solitaire7148.6

Grand Averages for these 13 Quizzes     69.9®   

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