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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Airplane! Movie QuotesComedy Movies Quote Quizzes  phonerec21364.8
2 Alfred Hitchcock: Personal FileDrama Movies, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & WritersAlfred Hitchcock  phonerec11360.5
3 Alfred Hitchcock: Personal FileMovie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers, Fine ArtsAlfred Hitchcock  phonerec1762.9
4 Amelia Earhart: American Aviation PioneerAmerican HistoryAmelia Earhart  phonerec62846.2
5 The Angry Beavers: Just Plain Fun!Animated TV Series & Cartoons  phonerec13860.7
6 Anne Frank: World War II Diary AuthorWorld War IIAnne Frank  phonerec21766.5
7 Audrey Hepburn: Film IconMovie StarsAudrey Hepburn  phonerec34064.8
8 Barry Switzer: Former OU Head CoachNFL Football, Big 12 FootballBarry Switzer  phonerec10463.8
9 Beer Slogans: Alcohol AdvertisingBusiness, Culture  phonerec1,32568
10 Carol Burnett: Career HighlightsComedians, TV Variety ShowsCarol Burnett  phonerec14852.2
11 Carol Burnett: Personal Life of a CelebrityComedians, TV Variety ShowsCarol Burnett  phonerec24455.6
12 Carol Burnett: Show Business HighlightsTV, Radio & Stage, Comedians, Fine ArtsCarol Burnett  phonerec11756.7
13 Charles Dickens: British AuthorBritish AuthorsCharles JH Dickens  phonerec70152.8
14 Charles M. Schulz: Great American CartoonistChildren's BooksCharles M Schulz  phonerec13655.4
15 Christmas Songs: Fill in the BlanksMusic, Christmas  phonerec88183.9
16 City Hall Knows It All!Your Work Place Quizzes  phonerec2141.4
17 Classic TV CharactersAmerican TV Sitcoms, Fictional Characters  phonerec45483.6
18 Colonel Sanders: Finger Lickin' Restauranteur!BusinessHarland Sanders  phonerec16445.6
19 Dave Barry: Very Funny Man!ComediansDave Barry  phonerec2253.2
20 Dirk Pitt: An Indestructible HeroFictional Characters  phonerec13982.4
21 Discovery Channel TV Show HostsTV, Radio & Stage, TV Reality Shows  phonerec3053
22 The Doobie BrothersRock -n- Roll  phonerec40157.3
23 Elton John Album - Song MatchRock MusicElton H John  phonerec5857.1
24 Eric Clapton, Guitarist ExtraordinaireRock -n- Roll, SingersEric Clapton  phonerec29761.2
25 Erma Bombeck: A Very Funny LadyAmerican AuthorsErma Bombeck  phonerec7650.1
26 Famous People from OklahomaAmerican Culture  phonerec12960.4
27 Garry Shandling: Standup Comic and WriterComediansGarry Shandling  phonerec3358.2
28 Gary Busey: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie StarsGary Busey  phonerec5151.6
29 Gene Wilder: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie StarsGene Wilder  phonerec70044.1
30 George Strait: Country Music Star!Country MusicGeorge Strait  phonerec68874
31 Gregory Peck: Acting LegendMovie StarsGregory Peck  phonerec30845.8
32 Hardcore PawnTV Reality Shows  phonerec29478.8
33 The High Chaparral: Cast of CharactersTV Dramas  phonerec32984.4
34 The High Chaparral: The StoryTV Dramas  phonerec23365.7
35 Hogan's Heroes Character MatchAmerican TV Sitcoms  phonerec64388.2
36 Hogan's Heroes Character MatchAmerican TV Sitcoms  phonerec5489.6
37 J.D. Souther: American SongwriterRock -n- Roll, Pop MusicJ.D. Souther  phonerec31768.3
38 J.R.R. Tolkien: His Personal LifeBritish AuthorsJ.R.R. Tolkien  phonerec7063.1
39 The Jetsons: "Spaced Out" Family!Animated TV Series & Cartoons  phonerec1,15973.3
40 John Sandford, Pulitzer Prize Winning AuthorAmerican AuthorsJohn Sandford  phonerec2567.6
41 Laura Ingalls Wilder: Frontier Girl and AuthorAmerican AuthorsLaura Ingalls Wilder  phonerec9063.7
42 M & M's - They Melt in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand!American Culture, Food & Drink  phonerec1,00146.6
43 Magnum P.I.: Thomas MagnumAmerican TV Dramas, Fictional Characters  phonerec57083.3
44 NASCAR Racing BasicsAuto Racing  phonerec20972.2
45 Nora Roberts: Multi-Talented AuthorAmerican AuthorsNora Roberts  phonerec6355.7
46 Oklahoma Sooners Football History & FactsBig 12 Football  phonerec28268.2
47 Paula Deen: Great Southern Lady!TV, Radio & Stage, Food & DrinkPaula Deen  phonerec19454.7
48 Peanuts Fun #2Peanuts Animated Series  phonerec19392.3
49 Perry Como, A Favorite American CroonerPop Music, SingersPerry Como  phonerec11954.8
50 Peter TorkJazz and Blues, Rock -n- Roll, The MonkeesPeter Tork  phonerec13862.2
51 Phonrec: It's all about ME!!!!Personal Quizzes  phonerec1954.2
52 Raising Arizona" Movie QuotesComedy Movies Quote Quizzes  phonerec7868.7
53 Songs with City Names in the TitleMusic  phonerec7785.2
54 The Stand: Character MatchMovies, Fiction Books, Fictional Characters  phonerec7781.9
55 The Stand: Stephen King ClassicHorror Movies, Fiction Books  phonerec20077.7
56 Stephanie Plum Spunky Literary Character Part 3Fiction Books, Fictional Characters  phonerec6985.8
57 Stephanie Plum: Spunky Literary CharacterFiction Books, Fictional Characters  phonerec21392.9
58 Stephanie Plum: Spunky Literary Character: Part 2Fiction Books, Fictional Characters  phonerec8889.9
59 Stephen King: Personal Life of a CelebrityAmerican AuthorsStephen King  phonerec13066.2
60 Which is the Steely Dan Song? Part 1Steely Dan  phonerec11885.8
61 Which is the Steely Dan Song? Part 2Steely Dan  phonerec4686.1
62 Who Played What TV Character?Television Stars, TV Sitcoms  phonerec19787.5
63 Who Sang These Songs?Rock -n- Roll, Country Music, Pop Music  phonerec64058.6
64 Who Sang These Songs? Part 2Rock -n- Roll, Country Music, Pop Music  phonerec46959.9
65 Will Rogers: American Cowboy and HumoristTV, Radio & Stage, American AuthorsWill Rogers  phonerec15144.8

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