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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 All in the Family Characters: Edith BunkerFictional Characters, All in the Family  lmcubs1,01362.9
2 American Graffiti BasicsMovies  lmcubs53170.1
3 American Graffiti CharactersMovies  lmcubs24571
4 American Idol: Contestants' Hits #1Music, TV Reality Shows  lmcubs15956.9
5 American Idol: Contestants' Hits #2Music, TV Reality Shows  lmcubs10572.5
6 Andy Williams: Mr. ChristmasSingersAndy Williams  lmcubs22952.9
7 Angel Songs - It's Heavenly!Music, Singers  lmcubs13351.4
8 Animal Groups: Which One is Incorrect?Animals & Animal Study  lmcubs12443.7
9 Animal Groups: Which One is Incorrect? Part 2Animals & Animal Study  lmcubs4037.5
10 Animals of AustraliaAnimals & Animal Study  lmcubs51478.9
11 Animated Christmas SpecialsAnimated TV Series & Cartoons, Christmas  lmcubs87681.3
12 Australian ActorsMovie Stars  lmcubs13876.6
13 Australian History and GeographyAustralian History, Oceanic Geography  lmcubs11571.1
14 Autumn SongsMusic  lmcubs1,67839
15 The Bachelor: Seasons 1 - 10TV Reality Shows  lmcubs3361.8
16 The Baldwin Brothers - An Acting FamilyMovie Stars, Television Stars  lmcubs2,98239.8
17 Barbie: What a Doll!Business, Culture  lmcubs19848.3
18 Basketball BasicsBasketball  lmcubs15642.8
19 Bill Russell: NBA GreatBasketballBill Russell  lmcubs23553.2
20 Billy Joel: Piano ManPop Music, SingersBilly Joel  lmcubs19359.3
21 Bing Crosby: Classic CroonerMovie Stars, SingersBing Crosby  lmcubs28644.5
22 The Blues Brothers: A Mission From GodComedy Movies  lmcubs26275.4
23 Bob Barker: Game Show LegendTV Game ShowsBob Barker  lmcubs19255.9
24 Candice Bergen: A Versatile ActressTelevision StarsCandice Bergen  lmcubs8854.2
25 Caroline Kennedy: American Royalty?American GovernmentCaroline Kennedy  lmcubs13755.3
26 Celebrities: Their Celebrity ChildrenMovie Stars, Television Stars  lmcubs34561.3
27 Celebrities: Their Celebrity Children #2Movie Stars, Television Stars  lmcubs19955.5
28 Celebrity RoommatesMovie Stars, Television Stars  lmcubs13250.5
29 Chick Flicks Part 1Movies  lmcubs22878.7
30 Chick Flicks Part 2Movies  lmcubs21588.4
31 Chick Flicks Part 3Movies  lmcubs18484.7
32 Christmas Song ComposersMusic, Christmas  lmcubs10974.9
33 Christmas Traditions Around the WorldChristmas  lmcubs1,03757.8
34 Christopher Reeve - A Super Man!Movie StarsChristopher Reeve  lmcubs19959.2
35 Clyde Drexler: Blazing StarNBA BasketballClyde Drexler  lmcubs8372.4
36 Comic Book Heroes in the MoviesMovies, Fantasy Movies  lmcubs19284.5
37 Country Love Songs: 1950's - 80'sCountry Music  lmcubs46668.7
38 "Crazy" About These SongsMusic  lmcubs11063.1
39 Cyber LanguageTechnology, Culture  lmcubs25470.2
40 Dan Fogelberg - A Talented MusicianRock -n- RollDan Fogelberg  lmcubs6066
41 Danny Thomas: A Philanthropist and StarMovie Stars, Television StarsDanny Thomas  lmcubs12454.2
42 The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)Sci Fi Movies  lmcubs27068.4
43 The Days of Our LivesTV Soap Operas  lmcubs39182.3
44 Dennis Yost : A Unique VoiceRock -n- Roll, SingersDennis Yost  lmcubs7959.5
45 Desperate Housewives: Residents of Wisteria LaneTV Dramadey  lmcubs8187.8
46 Dick Clark: TV LegendTV Game Shows, Television StarsDick Clark  lmcubs54348.5
47 The Dick Van Dyke Show - Oh Rob!American TV Sitcoms  lmcubs18077.2
48 Disney SongsMusic, Animated Movies  lmcubs1,06378.9
49 Disney Songs: Part 2Music, Animated Movies  lmcubs36582.1
50 Disneyland, The Happiest Place on EarthAmerican Culture  lmcubs21247.8
51 Dolly Parton - A Big Star!Movie Stars, Country MusicDolly Parton  lmcubs41471.1
52 Eartha Kitt - Sexy StarTV, Radio & Stage, Movie Stars, SingersEartha Kitt  lmcubs4458
53 Edith Bunker, Matriach of "All in the Family"All in the Family  lmcubs14971.1
54 Famous Authors Match GameAuthors  lmcubs11458.3
55 Famous Movie Quotes #2Movies  lmcubs8460.7
56 Famous People from OregonAmerican Culture  lmcubs10263.6
57 Famous People from Washington StateAmerican Culture  lmcubs10872.8
58 Famous People Named JonesMovie Stars, Culture, Singers, Television Stars  lmcubs28377.8
59 Famous People Named Jones: Part 2Culture  lmcubs8159.9
60 Famous People Named MartinMovie Stars, Television Stars  lmcubs41173.3
61 Famous TV MothersTV, Radio & Stage  lmcubs2,32782.6
62 Female Sitcom Stars of the 1960sAmerican TV Sitcoms  lmcubs27582.9
63 Female Sitcom Stars of the 1970sAmerican TV Sitcoms  lmcubs38990.1
64 Female Sitcom Stars of the 1980sAmerican TV Sitcoms  lmcubs39584.9
65 Female TV HostsTV Talk Shows  lmcubs17362.1
66 Founding Fathers of AmericaAmerican History, American Founding Fathers  lmcubs2,41044.1
67 Game Show Hosts of the 1970sTV Game Shows  lmcubs56166.3
68 Garth Brooks - Country Singer for the AgesCountry MusicGarth Brooks  lmcubs33159.7
69 Gene Kelly: Great Dancer & Singer!Movie Stars, DancersGene Kelly  lmcubs54253.6
70 General Hospital: Basics #2TV Soap Operas  lmcubs9976.8
71 The Geography of lmcubsPersonal Quizzes  lmcubs1243.3
72 Gone with the Wind Characters: Scarlett OHaraFictional Characters  lmcubs25480
73 Harry Potter #1Fiction Books  lmcubs10789.9
74 Harry Potter: The ActorsFantasy Movies  lmcubs21684.1
75 Helen Keller Portrayed on Stage and ScreenTV, Radio & Stage, MoviesHelen A Keller  lmcubs7139.7
76 Helen Keller: American Author, Activist and LecturerAmerican Culture, American AuthorsHelen A Keller  lmcubs12350
77 Home Improvement CharactersAmerican TV Sitcoms  lmcubs51184.8
78 How Sweet it Is! The History of Candy BarsFood & Drink  lmcubs36133.9
79 Huey Lewis is "Hip to be Square!"Rock -n- Roll, Pop MusicHuey Lewis  lmcubs6638
80 Indiana Jones and the Lost ArkAdventure Movies  lmcubs55970.9
81 It Happened One Night - a Movie ClassicComedy Movies  lmcubs11865.3
82 January 9th BirthdatesHistory  lmcubs3862.1
83 Jeff Probst: Survivor Host:TV Reality ShowsJeff Probst  lmcubs9441.9
84 Jennifer Lawrence: Talented ActressMovie StarsJennifer Lawrence  lmcubs1566.7
85 Jimmy Buffett "Songs You Know by Heart"Country Music, SingersJimmy Buffett  lmcubs20072.8
86 Jimmy Buffett: Boomer IconCountry MusicJimmy Buffett  lmcubs1,26454.5
87 John Forsythe: Consummate TV ActorTV, Radio & StageJohn Forsythe  lmcubs2348.3
88 John Travolta: Still Staying AliveMovie StarsJohn Travolta  lmcubs21271.7
89 Johnny Depp: All About Him!Movie StarsJohnny Depp  lmcubs18752.1
90 The Kennedys: The First Three GenerationsHistory, American Presidents  lmcubs12772.4
91 The Kennedys: The Fourth GenerationHistory, American Government  lmcubs15776.9
92 Lady Gaga - An American OriginalSingersLady Gaga  lmcubs4661.5
93 Little Miss Sunshine: A Cute Little Flick!Adventure Movies  lmcubs15361.8
94 LMCUBS - The Mystery is SolvedPersonal Quizzes  lmcubs1236.7
95 Lost in Space: 60s Space Adventure!TV Sci-Fi  lmcubs84368.5
96 Lost: First Season CharactersAmerican TV Dramas  lmcubs4882.9
97 Lost: First Season EventsAmerican TV Dramas  lmcubs3671.9
98 Lost: Second Season EventsAmerican TV Dramas  lmcubs3477.1
99 The Man from U.N.C.L.E.TV, Radio & Stage  lmcubs25974.1
100 The Mary Tyler Moore ShowThe Mary Tyler Moore Show  lmcubs95865.9

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