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Quizzes submitted by krystal

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 1960s Rock n Roll Stars & Supporting CastRock -n- Roll  krystal29983.9
2 ABBA: Their Albums and SongsPop Music  krystal26849
3 Angelina Jolie: "Little Angel"Movie StarsAngelina Jolie  krystal24963.3
4 Animated DogsAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  krystal27375.3
5 Animated Movies Nuts & BoltsAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  krystal12769.4
6 Animation Grab Bag #2Animated TV Series & Cartoons  krystal9247.7
7 The Bob Newhart Show - "Hi Bob!"American TV Sitcoms  krystal24976.3
8 Cartoon Creators Nuts & BoltsAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  krystal5667.5
9 Cartoon Ladies EssentialsAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  krystal34370.6
10 Cartoon Voices FundamentalsAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  krystal11462.2
11 Cher: Diverse Actress and SingerPop Music Cher  krystal25668.3
12 Classic TV CartoonsAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  krystal28485
13 Eddie Albert: A Lifetime of ActingTelevision StarsEddie Albert  krystal13061.4
14 The Elementary Sherlock HolmesFiction Books  krystal20273.9
15 Famous Statues, Famous PlacesSculpture  krystal60560.4
16 The HobbitFiction Books  krystal18870.3
17 Joan Crawford: "Mommie Dearest"Movie StarsJoan Crawford  krystal23071
18 Leonardo DiCaprioMovie Stars, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & WritersLeonardo DiCaprio  krystal4347.4
19 Meryl Streep: Class ActMovie StarsMeryl Streep  krystal18665.8
20 Newhart - A Wacky Sitcom!American TV Sitcoms  krystal25379.4
21 Pope John Paul II the GreatChristianityJohn Paul II  krystal28049.3
22 Rutherford B. Hayes: 19th U.S. PresidentAmerican Presidents, World LeadersRutherford B Hayes  krystal15953
23 Super Heroes BasicsAnimated TV Series & Cartoons  krystal77561.6

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