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Quizzes submitted by martha

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Actors Who've Played the Frankenstein MonsterMovie Stars, Horror Movies  martha64751
2 Actors Who've Played the VampireMovie Stars, Horror Movies  martha74350.5
3 Actors Who've Played the WerewolfMovie Stars, Horror Movies  martha60454.4
4 The Andy Griffith Show: Clara EdwardsFictional Characters, The Andy Griffith Show  martha1,38183.6
5 The Beatles: Song-Album MatchThe Beatles  martha17657.9
6 Burt Reynolds: Personal Life of a CelebrityMovie StarsBurt Reynolds  martha17850.4
7 A Charlie Brown Christmas: A Christmas ClassicChristmas, Peanuts Animated Series  martha52357.1
8 Hawaii Rainbow Warriors Football History & FactsMountain West Football  martha3364.5
9 James GarnerMovie StarsJames Garner  martha10664.3
10 Jenny McCarthyTelevision StarsJenny McCarthy  martha9359
11 Kansas State Wildcats Football History & FactsBig 12 Football  martha24968
12 Kenny Rogers: The GamblerCountry Music, SingersKenny Rogers  martha32944
13 Madonna: Personal Life of a CelebrityPop MusicMadonna Ciccone  martha12860.3
14 Marlene Dietrich: Exotic StarlettMovie StarsMarlene Dietrich  martha6750.6
15 Mayberry R.F.D. BasicsAmerican TV Sitcoms, The Andy Griffith Show  martha99679.8
16 Rock Songs with the Word "Sun" in the TitleRock -n- Roll, Pop Music, Rock Music  martha18663.7
17 TV Sitcom Character NicknamesAmerican TV Sitcoms  martha33681.1
18 TV's Best Catch Phrases #1TV, Radio & Stage  martha30383.5
19 TV's Best Catch Phrases #2TV, Radio & Stage  martha23884.6
20 TV's Best Catch Phrases #3TV, Radio & Stage  martha44987.3

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