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Quizzes submitted by Tornado Warning

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 1980s & 1990s Movie TidbitsMovies: By Decade  Tornado Warning32249.9
2 Jay BeckensteinJazz and Blues, Jazz RockJay Beckenstein  Tornado Warning875
3 Rock Lead Vocalists #1Rock -n- Roll  Tornado Warning13256.7
4 Rock: Lead Vocalists #2Rock -n- Roll  Tornado Warning10065.5
5 St. Louis Baseball Cardinals: 1982 SeasonMLB National League Central  Tornado Warning35072.3
6 Star Trek: Captain Kirk Fun FactsFictional Characters, Star Trek  Tornado Warning64759.3
7 Tennessee Volunteers Football History & FactsSEC Football  Tornado Warning25974.4

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