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Trivia Quizzes - World History

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 "Black Jack" PershingWorld War I, World History, U.S. History, American MilitaryJohn J Pershing  patrickryan7441.8
2 Adolf Hitler - His Later LifeWorld War II, World History, HistoryAdolf Hitler  grant2281669.4
3 Age of DiscoveryWorld History  grant2282841.8
4 Australian History and GeographyWorld History  lmcubs7668.4
5 Battle of MidwayWorld War II, World History, U.S. History, History  grant2282565.6
6 Casanova - Famous LoverWorld HistoryGiacomo Casanova  grant2287435.7
7 Catherine the Great: Empress of RussiaWorld HistorySophie Augusta Fredericka Anhalt-Zerbst  grant2289547.3
8 Charles Darwin - Natural Selection StarScientists, Science & Nature, World HistoryCharles R Darwin  grant2283548.6
9 Che Guevara - Iconic RevolutionaryWorld History, History  grant228668.3
10 Cincinnatus - Model Citizen-ServantWorld History, HistoryLucius Quinctius Cincinnatus  grant2285652.7
11 Countries at WarWorld History  calusk10564.2
12 Empress JosephineWorld History, HistoryJos├ęphine de Beauharnais  grant2281651.9
13 F. W. de Klerk - The Man Who Ended South Africa's ApartheidWorld History, History  grant228552
14 Famous Flyers: Amazing Pilots!World History, World War II  grant2287158.2
15 Famous People Named SmithWorld History, World Culture  grant22824261.2
16 Famous Quotes from Famous People #2World History, History  patrickryan3040.7
17 French RevolutionRoyalty, World History  grant22850244.9
18 Genghis Khan - Mongol WarriorWorld HistoryGenghis Khan  grant2288949.9
19 Geographic Names Shared With Famous PeopleWorld History, Geography  grant22812054.3
20 Golda Meir - Mother of Modern IsraelWorld Leaders, World History, HistoryGolda Meir  grant228255
21 Grigori Rasputin: Mystic or Charlatan?World History, ChristianityGrigori Y Rasputin  patrickryan3568.9
22 Harry Truman and the BombWorld War II, World History, U.S. Presidents, American Military, American GovernmentHarry Truman  patrickryan8754.6
23 Henry Kissinger - Negotiator with the WorldWorld History, U.S. History, HistoryHenry Kissinger  grant2281948.9
24 Hitler's HenchmenWorld War II, World History  grant2281168.2
25 India: Its People and HistoryWorld History  nut_meg7872.4
26 James Cook - King of NavigatorsEuropean Age of Discovery, World HistoryJames Cook  grant22819449.4
27 Jawaharlal Nehru - India's First Prime MinisterWorld History, HistoryJawaharlal Nehru  grant228275
28 Jean-Jacques Rousseau - Renowned PhilosopherWorld History, History  grant228650
29 Joseph Stalin - Brutal Soviet RulerWorld Leaders, World War II, World History, HistoryJoseph Stalin  grant228755.7
30 Julius Caesar - Roman Superstar!World Leaders, Ancients Behaving Badly, World HistoryJulius Caesar  grant2286344.1
31 Karl Marx - The Father of CommunismWorld HistoryKarl H Marx  grant2288453.8
32 Leslie Richard Groves, Jr.Technology, World War II, World History, U.S. History, American MilitaryLeslie Groves  patrickryan1059
33 Mao Zedong: The Father of Modern ChinaWorld Leaders, World HistoryMao Zedong  grant22820457.4
34 Marie Antoinette - Doomed Queen of FranceWorld History, HistoryMarie Antoinette  grant2283963.8
35 Martin Luther: Christian ReformerWorld Leaders, World History, ChristianityMartin Luther  bill2859.6
36 Maximilien Robespierre - The Leader of the Reign of TerrorWorld History, History  grant2281558
37 Menachem Begin: Israeli Leader and Nobel Prize WinnerWorld Leaders, World HistoryMenachem Begin  patrickryan966.7
38 Michelangelo - Artistic GeniusWorld History, Sculpture, ArtistsMichelangelo Buonarroti  grant2286962.5
39 Military Operations & Their Code NamesWorld War II, World History, History  grant2281866.1
40 Mistresses - Friends of the Rich and PowerfulRoyalty, World History, History  grant2281556.7
41 Mohandas Gandhi: India's "Father of the Nation"World Leaders, World HistoryMohandas K Gandhi  charles18070.7
42 Mussolini - Il DuceWorld War II, World HistoryBenito A Mussolini  grant2286063.5
43 Name the CenturyWorld History  grant2281340
44 Napoleon Bonaparte - Part IIWorld HistoryNapoleon Bonaparte  grant2286157.2
45 Napoleon Bonaparte: French Military LeaderWorld HistoryNapoleon Bonaparte  dave88461.4
46 Nero - He Fiddled while Rome BurnedAncients Behaving Badly, World HistoryNero Germanicus  grant2282572.8
47 Nobel Peace PrizeWorld History, History  grant2282450
48 Queen Victoria: 19th Century QueenWorld History, British RoyaltyQueen Victoria  scarlettem24068.8
49 Queen Victoria: The Monarch Who Wasn't AmusedBritish Royalty, World HistoryQueen Victoria  grant22815867.4
50 Rene Descartes: Revolutionary French ThinkerLiterature, World HistoryRene Descartes  grant2283143.2
51 Roman Emperors: Citizen LevelWorld History  Cousin Jeff17053.8
52 Roman Emperors: Patrician LevelWorld History  Cousin Jeff2948.6
53 Roman Emperors: Senator LevelWorld History  Cousin Jeff3250.6
54 Saddam Hussein - Ruthless TyrantWorld History, HistorySaddam Hussein  grant228656.7
55 Samuel Johnson - Man of LettersAuthors, World History, British History, HistorySamuel Johnson  grant2284052.3
56 Socrates: The Greatest PhilosopherWorld History Socrates  freddie39750.4
57 Stirring SpeechesWorld History, History  grant228838.8
58 The Adventures of Marco PoloWorld HistoryMarco Polo  freddie24353.3
59 The Assassination of Archduke FerdinandWorld War I, World History, History, Assassinations  grant2281271.7
60 The Assassination of Grigorii RasputinWorld History, History, Assassinations  grant2281258.3

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