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Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to PeopleQuiz!


Our trivia is all about people. Most trivia sites focus on trivia that is very general in nature. PeopleQuiz takes trivia to another dimension, focusing solely on people - after all, people love to talk about people. We have thousands of challenging questions online. If you know people, you're going to love our site.

PeopleQuiz is destined to be one of the web's most popular game sites. Why? Simply because the concept of a trivia site with questions written specifically about people is entirely new. This is why we created PeopleQuiz. To let people share their knowledge about the influential people that have shaped our world.

Our visitors create and contribute people trivia of their own. It's a terrific partnership - we provide the facility and our visitors provide the content. Our authors strive to provide interesting, well-written questions with associated accurate answers. We encourage our authors to provide fascinating information along with their questions, allowing for a rich learning experience for all of our players. Of course, quizzes submitted to us are available to players all over the globe.

Membership to PeopleQuiz is free, and as a member, you may play and create as many quizzes as you wish in any of our categories. Many of our players come to our site simply to learn interesting facts about their favorite authors or sports stars, while others desire to show off their creativity and knowledge. Whatever the case, we hope that your experience here is an enjoyable one.

Playing PeopleQuiz Games

Every quiz on our site is created by a PeopleQuiz member, checked by one of our editors, and placed online for all to play. All quizzes contains 10 multiple choice questions. Many of our questions contain additional informational tid-bits used to explain and expand the answers.

You can play games from the PeopleQuiz Homepage by scanning through the categories, or by simply clicking on Quizzes.
Once you've registered and logged on, our system will record your scores and let you know how you are doing. Players who play a good deal of quizzes or collect a lot of points by answering questions correctly have a good chance of making it to our prestigious leader board, and even winning a t-shirt.

Writing PeopleQuiz Quizzes

Before you can write a quiz on our site, you will need to go through our simple registration process. This involves selecting an account name/password and providing us with your email address. Please note that your email address is not displayed anywhere on the site, nor is it shared with other users or sold to third-party entities. Please read our Privacy Policy for complete details as to how your privacy is protected on PeopleQuiz.

Creating new quizzes is simple. Our intuitive quiz submission page is easy to use and allows for simple quiz creation. We recommend you take a few of the current quizzes online to orient yourself with the different types. Once you have a good handle on our current content, you just need to decide what you?d like to write about, do a little research (some folks, given the right topic, can create quizzes off the top of their head - how do they do that?) and have at it.

Most first-time writers will write about their favorite celebrity, sports star or author. Many write about a television program, play or a music group. The possibilities are endless. Once you have an idea andare registered, you are ready to submit your quiz.

For complete details on creating and submitting a quiz, please review the PeopleQuiz Quiz Design Guidelines and the PeopleQuiz Quiz Submission Guidelines.

Quality Control

PeopleQuiz reviews all quizzes before they are posted to our site. Our editors screen all submissions for objectionable content or language. We also screen for false statements about people. In addition, when people takes the quizzes, they have a simple submission box to send us corrections, so be honest your quizzes.

PeopleQuiz is a growing work in progress. Given time, it will grow into a thriving community of individuals who long to share their knowledge about the influential people that have shaped our world. Those with a competitive flair will know us as a place they can come to participate in some of the best online tournaments on the web.

We hope you enjoy your stay at PeopleQuiz.

Are your ready to get started? You are free to play as many quizzes as you like. However, if you want to submit quizzes and/or have us track your scores, you will need to register first.

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