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Trivia and Biography Quizzes on Famous People and Celebrities

PeopleQuiz Quiz Submission Guidelines

PeopleQuiz invites all registered players to submit quizzes to us. Registration with PeopleQuiz is both simple and flexible - if you're the shy type, just provide us with a little bit of information about yourself, if you like to blow your own horn, well, of course you'll want to tell us all about yourself! Click here to register.

Help us keep PeopleQuiz a Class Act!

Once registered, you'll need to know that PeopleQuiz reviews all quizzes before they are posted to our site for general use. Our editors screen all submissions for objectionable content or language. We also screen for grammer, false statements about people.

Save Your Quiz using a Word Processor

We highly recommend that you write and save your quiz using an ascii text editor - such as notepad - before submitting your quiz. This ensures that your work is saved in case you lose your internet connection, our site goes down, or your logon cookie times out while your writing your quiz. It also makes for easy editing as you are writing and provides a paper trail as you submit more quizzes. We recommend you save all your quizzes to disk as you may want to refer back to them in the future.

Once saved in a word processor, simply cut and paste your quiz into the submission page!

PeopleQuiz Quiz Submission Screen

Now you'll want to know a little bit about the basic elements of the quiz submission screen. Please note that all of the following fields are mandatory, except where marked otherwise. Ready? Here goes:

  1. Quiz Title: The first thing you'll be asked to do is to give your quiz a title. Try to be as precise as you can - don't just call it A Movie Quiz or My Quiz About Dogs, but let people know what they can expect when they click on your quiz. So be creative and have fun with your titles!

    You should capitalize the first letter of every major word (including the first one) in your title. For example, a good title might be "A Night on the Town", not "A walk on the beach" or "a Walk on the Beach".

    Finally, please remember to put titles of movies, song titles, lyrics, direct quotes, books, television shows, television episodes, musicals, comic books and video games in quotation marks.

  2. Quiz Type: Quiz type makes it easy to find the type of quizzes in which players are interested. Please choose one of the following:
    • General Quiz (default): a general quiz about people!
    • Personality Quiz: a quiz written entirely about one person. Please enter the individual's name in the spaces provided.
    • People Quiz: a quiz in which every answer is the name of a person.
    • Quotation Quiz: Famous quotes!
    • Birthdate Quiz: The "Question" is a birthdate, and the answers are the names of people
    • Personality Name: If your quiz is a Personality Quiz, please enter the name of the individual about whom you've written.

  3. People Cross-Reference Field: If this question is about a specific individual, please enter that person's name in the name field. This process helps us cross-index PeopleQuiz, allowing us to associate quizzes with specific people.
  4. Degree of Difficulty: This field makes it easy for players to search for quizzes at a certain difficulty level. Are you a beginner? Perhaps you'd like to start with our "picnic" quizzes. Here are the difficulty degree labels we've applied to our quizzes:
    • Picnic - an easy quiz
    • Garden Variety - middle-of-the road
    • Bewildering - I'm lost dude

  5. Quiz Description: Please enter a short description of your quiz here. This is important because it gives players an overview of your quiz, making it easier for them to decide if they would like to try your quiz. Please be as descriptive as possible, but have fun and be creative!

  6. PeopleQuiz Categories: PeopleQuiz Categories make it easy for players to find the quizzes in which they are interested. Each high-level category (Religion, Television, Sports, etc.) has subcategories within them, which makes quizzes even easier to find. (For example, all quizzes on the Civil War can be found in the same place.) Take advantage of this by finding the most suitable subcategory for your quiz. The current high-level categories are:
    • History
    • Kiddie Quizzes
    • Literature
    • Music
    • Religion
    • Science
    • Silver Screen
    • Sports
    • TV & Stage
    • World Leaders
    IMPORTANT! Please select the lowest-level sub-category to which your quiz applies. For example, if your quiz falls into the category of Civil War, only check "Civil War." Do not click History, US History and Civil War.
  7. Question Text: Enter your question. Please make certain that your text is carefully worded and free from spelling and grammar errors. Make sure to capitalize the first word of a sentence and end your questions with a question mark!

  8. Answers:
    • Correct Answer: This contains the correct answer or answers to the question. Enter the correct answer in any field you like. Make sure that it is capitalized in the same way as your incorrect answers so that it does not stick out immediately from the incorrect answers. Check the corresponding button in the A, B, C, or D box.

    • Incorrect Answers: These are the potential incorrect answers to your quiz. Enter three incorrect answers in the remaining fields. Incorrect answers are supposed to make the player think - don't make them too easy! Make sure that these choices are actual incorrect answers and not statements like "this isn't the right answer."

  9. Additional Information or Blurbs: We encourage you to enter additional information about the question to be displayed with the answer after the quiz is complete. Afterall, if a player gets a question wrong, it's good to know what the correct answer is and why. So take some additional time to add some interesting info into your quizzes - they add pizzazz to your quiz!!!

Submiting your Quiz

If you feel that your quiz is ready to go online - that is, your questions are interesting and well-researched, and you have checked your quiz for spelling, grammar, and factual errors - then you can submit it by clicking the "Submit Quiz" button. This will send your quiz to our pending queue where our editors, as time permits, will review it. Once you-ve submitted your quiz to us, we'll review it and may ask you to make some changes. to update your quiz, logon and look for the "Pending Quizzes" link in the upper right corner of your screen Once the quiz is published you will not be able to edit it.

Should you have issues submitting a quiz, or need to write our editorial staff, please fill out our help form here. You-ll get a response within 24 hours.

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