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Trivia and Biography Quizzes on Famous People and Celebrities

Quiz Design Guidelines

Anyone can create quizzes, why not you? Quiz writing is not only entertaining, but it gives you the chance to share your knowledge with your fellow quizzers. However, quiz authors must follow a few guidelines. Our aim is to make certain that all quizzes are accurate, fun and well written.

Our Motto

Our motto is threefold. Have fun, share your knowledge and learn about people! PeopleQuiz players know that when they visit our site, they'll have a blast playing our quizzes!

Most PeopleQuiz players have a favorite celebrity, favorite author or other significant person who has influenced their life to the point where they could easily write a quiz or two about that person. Some could write many more. People love to brag about their favorite celebrities!

We are sure you will leave our site, knowing more about people - not just piddly, diddly trivial facts, but important information about the people that have helped shape our world. So, have at it and help us make PeopleQuiz a fun, creative and educational environment!!!

Help us keep PeopleQuiz a Class Act!

PeopleQuiz reviews all quizzes before they are posted to our site. Our editors screen all submissions for objectionable content or language. We also screen for false statements about people. Our editors are all trivia experts and have been trained to catch inaccuracies. So don?t try to throw falsities into your quizzes ? it?s blasphemy and downright unsophisticated!

Creating a quiz

Be creative and challenge your fellow players. Quiz authors should take a handful of quizzes to get a flavor for the current quizzes already online. Next, you'll want to review the document entitled "PeopleQuiz Quiz Submission Guidelines", which explains the various elements that comprise a quiz. All PeopleQuiz quizzes are 10-question, multiple-choice answer.

Maintaining the "People" Edge

As the name PeopleQuiz implies, our site is chocked full of questions about people. To maintain our theme, we ask that you submit quizzes to us that pertain to people. Your questions can be about movie stars, sports stars, politicians, world leaders, you name it.

Of course, there are many ways in which to interpret our "people" guidelines, several of which are outlined below:

  1. General Quiz - default, quiz doens't fit one of the following classifications.
  2. Personality Quiz - the entire quiz is about one person
  3. People Quiz - the answer is the name of a person
  4. Quotation Quiz - famous quotes and aphorisms
  5. Birthdate Quiz - quizzes about people's birthdays

Why the restrictions? Simple. PeopleQuiz, as the name implies is all about people. We think that quizzes about people are interesting and exciting. If you think about it, everything is about people in the end. What do people talk about around the Monday morning water cooler? They talk about the sporting events or the movies they saw that weekend. Or the concert they attended. Some might talk about the president's actions over the weekend. People talk about countless different things. People love to talk about people and people love trivia about people.

Get the idea? Given our very generous options regarding acceptable questions, the possibilities are limitless. Unacceptable Questions: Given the aforementioned outline, most questions about inanimate objects or animals are not desirable.? Here are examples of undesirable questions:

  • What is the largest planet in our solar system?
  • Answer: Jupiter
  • How long is the Mackinac Bridge?
  • Answer: 8,614 feet
  • How long do chimps typically live?
  • 34 years

Converting non-people questions to PeopleQuiz questions:

Human beings interpret everything that happens on earth.? Without people, who would perceive and log the happenings of our world? Given this, it is our contention that many questions seemingly not about people could be converted to PeopleQuiz questions. Take the three undesirable questions above, for example. Here are the same questions converted into PeopleQuiz questions:
  • What is the largest planet in our solar system?
  • Answer: Jupiter, discovered by Galileo in 1610.
  • How long is the Mackinac Bridge?
  • Answer: 8,614 feet
  • Additional Information: Designed by David B. Steinman in 1955.
  • How long do chimps typically live?
  • Answer: 34 years
  • Additional Information: Jane Goodall's web site:
Notice how all these questions come to life when you add the human element? Nearly every question imaginable, with a little research or ingenuity, can be converted into a PeopleQuiz. Have at it and let your creativity soar.

Most common errors

Some of the common reasons submitted quizzes are rejected:
  1. Obvious slander
  2. Poor spelling and grammar
  4. Time-based questions: the answer is not constant and may change as time goes by.
  5. Present tense quizzes should be avoided. Write in the past tense if at all possible.
  6. Date stamping of questions: for example, using "as of 2006"
  7. Linked questions: inter-dependent questions are not allowed; each question must be an independent entity.
  8. Inadequate explanation of correct answer/incorrect answers (aka additional information field or blurb).
    Don't leave players baffled, guessing why an answer is correct or incorrect - it's your responsibility to explain why.

Queues and waiting times

Quizzes submitted to PeopleQuiz will be reviewed within 3 business days. You'll receive an email with our thanks and the status of your submission.

Contacting an Editor

Email a PeopleQuiz editor at


Subbmitting work that is not your own will not be tolerated.. Quizzes that are copied word for word out of a book, off a web site, or from other sources, will be rejected. This could be a copyright violation, and is unethical. We remind our authors of the following, which appears immediately below the "Submit Quiz" button on the quiz submission page:

By submitting a quiz, you acknowledge that the questions, answers and additional information presented are in your own words and have not been copied from any copyright protected source. Plagiarism will result in the loss of your account.

Grammar and Spelling

Our editors typically correct minor typing and/or spelling errors before going online, but quizzes with a significant number of errors will be rejected, as will quizzes which do not adhere to our creation guidelines and notes.

Our editors do not have the time to spend hours fixing your grammar and spelling errors. Please use complete sentences, good grammar, and correct spelling. Quizzes that do not meet these basic standards will be rejected:

  • Capitalize names.
  • End questions with question marks.
  • Keep capitalization consistent.
  • Avoid typing errors by reviewing what you have written prior to submission. We recommend typing your questions into a word processor and utilizing spell check to avoid errors.
Using Correct Capitalization: Please use correct grammatical rules for capitalization. This includes proper names, titles, places, etc. For example:
  • She was a German sculptor from the Renaissance genre.
  • He was a Clipper before he came to the Spurs.
In titles, all major words should be capitalized. The following are examples of correct capitalization:

  • The Sword in the Stone
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Aladdin and the Lamp
  • How to Become a Millionaire
PeopleQuiz is an international site and there may be some variance to in English words, depending upon local custom or country of origin. The following variations are permitted: center, centre, color, colour, realise, realize, metre, meter, program, programme, jail, gaol, litre, liter, sulfur, sulphur, analog, analogue, donut, doughnut, jewelry, jewellery, mustache, moustache, check, cheque, etc.

Quotation Marks

Please put titles of movies, books, television shows, television episodes, songs, CDs, lyrics, musicals, plays, comic books and video games in quotations. Do not put quotes around quiz titles.

In the following situations, quotes are allowed in the quiz title:
George Burns and "Oh God!"

whereas this quiz title is not correct:
"Questions on Legends of the Fall"

True or False Quizzes

We are currently not accepting True and False Quizzes. Accomodations may be made for True and False quizzes in the future.

Unacceptable Questions

Please know that certain types of questions are unacceptable, those being outlined below:

Subjective Questions:
Quizzes must be based on facts, not opinions or conjecture. Here are some examples of subjective questions, all being unacceptable on PeopleQuiz:

What is the best restaurant in Chicago?
True or False: "Young Frankenstein" is a better movie than "Blazing Saddles?"
Who is Julia Roberts' best friend?

Opinions in the additional information or blurb fields or the quiz introduction are acceptable as long as they are rational, and not contemptible or inflammatory.

Repeat Questions:
To the best of your ability, please try to avoid repeating questions which are already in another quiz. We realize that this may be a bit of a challenge, but playing a few quizzes in your chosen category in advance, may help.

Linked questions:
Every question must stand by itself. Please don't link one question to a previous question, like the following example:

What is the capital of the U.S. state listed in Question 6?

Questions about money, contract values, compensation or prize monies earned by athletes or celebrities or other persons, are not accepted as quiz questions. These questions are problematic in nature, due to the confidential nature of money matters or conflicting facts. The same goes for gross dollars collected at the box office by movies.

Filler questions to pad out your quiz such as "Did you like my quiz?" or "Is it true that my Dad's name is John?" or anything similar to this, will be rejected, as they are not questions suitable for PeopleQuiz.

What constitutes a Question? We are not selective about whether a "question" is a question or a statement. We even accept names of CDs, songs, movies, etc? as long as the quiz explanation is clear about what is expected of the contestant.? Here are a few examples:

  • What was Don Knotts real first name?
  • Answer: Jesse
  • Metamorphosis (1975)
  • Answer: The Rolling Stones
  • This former Boston Celtics coach would always smoke a cigar after a win:
  • Answer: Red Aurebach
Please note that it is very important that you give a complete explanation of what is expected of the contestant in the quiz description if your quiz does not contain classic "questions" in the interrogative state. Your quiz may be rejected if the quiz description is not clear.

Future Tense does not work in an online environment, and is not allowed on PeopleQuiz. Quizzes will be online for years, and this sort of question will, in the future, refer to the past!

An example of a future tense question:

Where will the Olympics be held in 2010?

Date stamping of questions are not acceptable. An example of date stamping is: As of April, 2006, who was the NBA's all-time average scoring leader?

PeopleQuiz reserves the right to reject any questions submitted to us. Our staff may edit, modify or delete any quiz submitted to us.

Time Explicit Questions:
These are the most frequent errors after typing errors, spelling and punctuation. Time explicit questions, where the answer may change as time goes by, are not permitted. Since quizzes will be online for months and years, these types of questions merely do not work on PeopleQuiz. Please compose your questions cautiously so that the answer is permanent, and cannot change - the answer must be the same next week, next month, and next year. Some examples of time-based or time-specific questions:

  • When was the last time the Pistons won the NBA Championship?
  • Who is the Prime Minister of England?
  • Who won the Oscar for best actress last year?
  • Who's hosting next year's Emmys?
  • How many U.S. Presidents have been bachelors?
  • How many dogs does the governor of Idaho have?
  • Who won yesterday?s game between the Red Wings and the Maple Leafs?
  • What album did Rush release last month?
  • Which city will host the next Winter Olympics?
Therefore, please avoid using the following words or phrases in your quiz: now, at the moment, this year, last year, next year, currently, next season, last season, will be, recently, latest etc. The use of the aforementioned words or phrases will, in all likelihood, make your quiz time dependent. Correspondingly, questions written in the future tense are not permitted.

Past Tense and Present Tense:
The use of the present tense is one source of time-based questions. If possible, you should write the whole quiz in the past tense.

Additional Information and Blurbs:
PeopleQuiz encourages our authors to add interesting educational blurbs in the "additional information" field in their questions. After all, if you get a question wrong it's good to know what the correct answer is, and why. So take some additional time to add some interesting info to your quizzes - they add pizzazz to your quiz!!!

A couple examples of good blurbs are as follows:

Question: "What was Ghandi's first name?"
Answer: "Mahatma"
Blurb: "According to Webster's dictionary, his real name was Mohanda"

Question: "What was the Skipper's name on TV's "Gilligan's Island?"
Answer: "Jonas Grumby?"

Blurb: This was announced over the radio during the first episode when they first landed on the island.

There are many quizzes online which are good examples of well written and thoroughly researched quizzes, with blurbs for every question.


Please take note of the following regarding corrections:


When sending a correction note to the author of a quiz, please be polite. Discourteous and distasteful messages are noted by our editors, and could result in your suspension, or ejection, from PeopleQuiz.

Please do not send correction notes such as "are you sure your answer on President Kennedy is correct?" I think you might be wrong, can you please check it and let me know? This note is very vague. If you think an author has posted an erroneous fact, please give specifics as to why you feel it is incorrect, citing your sources that state what you feel to be correct. An example of the correct way to pose the above question would be, Are you certain that President Kennedy had three children? My source (state your source here), states that he only had two. Actually, the Kennedys had two children that lived to adulthood, Caroline and John. Their third child, Patrick, died as an infant. As you can see, the second statement is much more specific. Please note that our editors will evaluate every correction note.

Authors: If you receive a correction notice, please determine whether the correction is valid, make the correction, and post the correction. If it is not in error, please respond with a statement defending your position. PeopleQuiz editors reserve the right to make any judgment calls on questions/answers that are in dispute.

Please note that questions receiving numerous correction notes from players will immediately be taken offline and not returned until they are corrected.

If you do not respond to a correction notice, our editors will assume that you are ignoring the correction and your quiz will be taken off-line.

PeopleQuiz reserves the right to reject questions submitted and does not guarantee that any or all submitted quizzes will be placed online. Quizzes submitted may be edited, modified or deleted by our editorial staff at any time.

If you have a question about a rejection notice that you have received, please email us at

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