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Quizzes submitted by catherine

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Corner Gas - Roadside Gas Station Fun!Canadian TV Sitcoms  catherine11281.3
3 The Jerk Movie QuotesComedy Movies Quote Quizzes  catherine12277.9
4 A Charlie Brown ThanksgivingHolidays, Peanuts Animated Series  catherine80266.9
5 Diff'rent Strokes: The Cute Little Sitcom That CouldAmerican TV Sitcoms  catherine45467.4
6 It is the Easter Beagle Charlie BrownHolidays, Peanuts Animated Series  catherine19958.1
7 Teri Garr: Steady & Talented ActressMovie StarsTeri Garr  catherine2151.9
8 Boston Celtics: 1985-86 SeasonNBA Atlantic Division  catherine22851.1
9 Genesis: The First DecadePop Music, Progressive Rock  catherine58768.5
10 Wayne's World Movie QuotesComedy Movies Quote Quizzes  catherine7975.9
11 The Andy Griffith Show: Howard SpragueFictional Characters, The Andy Griffith Show  catherine89383.1
12 Charles, Prince of WalesBritish RoyaltyPrince Charles  catherine26457.1
13 Queen Elizabeth IIBritish RoyaltyQueen Elizabeth II  catherine91963.1
14 Vivien Leigh: Classy, but Troubled ActressMovie StarsVivien Leigh  catherine12162.6
15 Sidney Poitier: Groundbreaking ActorMovie StarsSidney Poitier  catherine13250.2
16 Marc Anthony: Latin Singer & ActorSingersMarc Anthony  catherine25048
17 Donna Reed: The Girl Next DoorMovie Stars, Television StarsDonna Reed  catherine17055.5
18 Revenge of the Nerds Movie QuotesComedy Movies Quote Quizzes  catherine15478.8
19 The Andy Griffith Show: Ellie WalkerFictional Characters, The Andy Griffith Show  catherine1,48478.3
20 The Four Tops: Motown IconMotown  catherine34043.8
21 Muhammad Ali: His OpponentsBoxingMuhammad Ali  catherine24164.9
22 Hayden Panettiere: Film RolesMovie StarsHayden Panettiere  catherine4941
23 Director's First Films - 1980'sMovie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers  catherine5245
24 Game Show Hosts of the 1960sTV Game Shows  catherine58070.1
25 1980s Bands: Where Are They From?Rock -n- Roll  catherine21260.1
26 Old West Grab Bag #1American History  catherine36366.9
27 Non-Profit Group FoundersBusiness  catherine13650.1
28 Shaquille O'Neal: Basketball TitanNBA BasketballShaquille O'Neal  catherine31379.4
29 Crooner's NicknamesMusic  catherine24065.2
30 Serial Killers' LairsHistory, Serial Killers  catherine70464.1
31 Gordie Howe: Hockey LegendNHL HockeyGordie Howe  catherine12981.4
32 Gordie Howe: Epic Hockey StarNHL HockeyGordie Howe  catherine20746.3
33 Christina Aguilera: Her MusicPop MusicChristina Aguilera  catherine17356.4
34 Lindsay Lohan: Her MoviesMovie Stars' Movie CharactersLindsay Lohan  catherine11648.4
35 Hilary Duff: Movie RolesMovie Stars' Movie CharactersHilary Duff  catherine13364.7
36 Bill Belichick: Early CareerNFL FootballBill Belichick  catherine8843.6
37 The Simpsons MovieAnimated Movies, The Simpsons  catherine34681
38 The Flying Nun was "Habit" Forming!American TV Sitcoms  catherine41364.2
39 The Andy Griffith Show: Gomer PyleFictional Characters, The Andy Griffith Show  catherine1,49189.9
40 Jacques Cousteau: Deep Sea ExplorerDeep Sea ExplorationJacques Cousteau  catherine50550
41 Jack Black: Wild Man!Movie StarsJack Black  catherine10459.3

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