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Trivia Quizzes - American Presidents

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102 Franklin Roosevelt Facts: Part 2American Presidents, World War IIFranklin D Roosevelt  grant22814956.3
103 Dwight David Eisenhower: 34th U.S. PresidentAmerican Presidents, World LeadersDwight D Eisenhower  grant22844647.4
104 The Clinton-Lewinsky AffairAmerican History, American PresidentsMonica Lewinsky  grant22830141.3
105 Thomas Jefferson's Other FamilyAmerican PresidentsThomas Jefferson  grant22818752.5
106 The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln: Part 1American Presidents, American Civil War, World Leaders, AssassinationsAbraham Lincoln  grant22869273
107 The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln: Part 2American Presidents, American Civil War, World Leaders, AssassinationsAbraham Lincoln  grant22864466.1
108 Harry Truman's Presidential OpinionsAmerican History, American Presidents, World LeadersHarry S Truman  grant2289241.6
109 Harry TrumanAmerican PresidentsHarry S Truman  grant22816451.9
110 U S Presidential Thoughts on SuccessAmerican History, American Presidents, Business  grant2282444.6
111 Harry and Bess Truman - A Love StoryAmerican History, American Presidents  grant2285245.2
112 George W Bush quotesAmerican PresidentsGeorge W Bush  grant2285944.6
113 Abraham Lincoln - 16th US President: Pre-Presidential LifeAmerican History, American PresidentsAbraham Lincoln  grant22832155.9
114 U.S. Presidents' NamesAmerican Presidents  grant2286737.6
115 Abraham Lincoln - Personal QuestionsAmerican History, American PresidentsAbraham Lincoln  grant22820753.4
116 The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln: Part 3American History, American Presidents, American Civil War, World Leaders, AssassinationsAbraham Lincoln  grant22810463.9
117 Theodore Roosevelt - Personal QuestionsHistory, American History, American PresidentsTheodore Roosevelt  grant2281371.5
118 Chester A. Arthur: 21st U.S. PresidentAmerican Presidents, World LeadersChester A Arthur  zeppy7326954.7
119 Warren G. Harding: 29th U.S. PresidentAmerican PresidentsWarren G Harding  zeppy7312460.6
120 Which President Am I? Part 1American Presidents  Ida May4370.7
121 Franklin D. Roosevelt Facts: Part 3American Presidents, World War II, World Leaders, American GovernmentFranklin D Roosevelt  patrickryan55959.9
122 Ulysses S. Grant: 18th U.S. President, Part 2American Presidents, American Civil War, World LeadersUlysses S Grant  patrickryan13763.6
123 John Adams: 2nd U.S. President, Part 2American Presidents, American Revolutionary War, World Leaders, American Vice PresidentsJohn Adams  patrickryan19166
124 Richard Nixon: 37th U.S. President - Part 2American Presidents, World Leaders, Vietnam WarRichard M Nixon  patrickryan11664.9
125 U.S. Presidential Assassination AttemptsAmerican Presidents, Assassinations  patrickryan9865
126 U.S. Presidential Assassination Attempts: Part 2American Presidents, Assassinations  patrickryan7570.3
127 Richard Nixon - 37th US President - Part 2American Presidents, American Vice PresidentsRichard M Nixon  patrickryan16065.3
128 Harry Truman and the BombAmerican Presidents, World War II, American MilitaryHarry S Truman  patrickryan55047.2
129 First Attempted Assassination of a PresidentAmerican Presidents, Assassinations  patrickryan8863.6
130 American Presidential ElectionsAmerican Presidents, American Vice Presidents  patrickryan72044.9
131 Barack Obama: First Black US PresidentAmerican Presidents, World Leaders, American GovernmentBarack Obama  dartjock18263.1
132 Vice Presidential LosersAmerican History, American Presidents, American Vice Presidents, American Government  dartjock5186.7
133 Which Assassin Shot Which US President?American Presidents, Crime & Law, Assassinations  KenKraska14274.9
134 Jimmy Carter -- the 39th PresidentAmerican PresidentsJimmy Carter  LonestarJR1856.1

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