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Trivia Quizzes - Fine Arts

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Frank Lloyd Wright: His Life and ArchitectureAmerican History, Fine Arts, American CultureFrank L Wright  dave96345.2
3 Carol Burnett: Show Business HighlightsTV, Radio & Stage, Comedians, Fine ArtsCarol Burnett  phonerec11756.7
4 Alfred Hitchcock: Personal FileMovie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers, Fine ArtsAlfred Hitchcock  phonerec1762.9
5 Vincent Van Gogh - Troubled ArtistFine Arts, ArtistsVincent Van Gogh  grant2284971.6
6 Toulouse Lautrec - Master ArtistFine Arts, Artists  grant2282963.4
7 James Whistler - American ArtistFine Arts, Artists  grant2281344.6
8 Leonardo da Vinci - Polymath Par ExcellenceFine Arts, Artists, World Culture, ScientistsLeonardo da Vinci  grant2285439.4
9 Opera FavoritesMusic, Classical Music, Fine Arts  grant2287671.8
10 Odd Dead Man OutFine Arts  grant2284952
11 Broadway SongsMusic, Broadway, Fine Arts  grant22823070
12 Chess ChampionsSports, Fine Arts  grant2281536
13 Famous "Aussies"Fine Arts, Culture  grant22813049.6
14 Maurits Escher - Extraordinary Graphic ArtistFine Arts, ArtistsMaurits Escher  grant228376.7

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