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Trivia Quizzes - Movies

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
101 Louis Armstrong - The One and Only Satchmo!Music, Movies, Jazz and BluesLouis Armstrong  grant22836342.9
102 Man, Woman, and ChildMovies, Drama Movies  zendyk380
103 Mark WalhbergMoviesMark Wahlberg  dartjock2775.2
104 Matthew Broderick - American ActorMoviesMatthew Broderick  0zero029348.3
105 Matthew McConaughey - Man of many rolesMovies, Movie Stars  grant2282253.2
106 Michael Caine - Talented ActorMoviesMichael Caine  dartjock1140.9
107 Miss CongenialityMovies, Comedy Movies  zendyk10072.4
108 Movie DogsMovies  bill4346.3
109 Movie Notable NumbersMovies  grant2282753.7
110 Movie PotpourriMovies  grant22815356.9
111 Movie VillainsMovies  grant228275
112 Movies & Celebrities Mixed BagMovies  EddieJoe9456.2
113 Movies Miscellaneous FactsMovies  BubblyJolie9581.6
114 Myrna Loy - Classic ActressMovies, Movie StarsMyrna Loy  grant2283769.5
115 Natalie Wood - Talented ActorMovies, Movie StarsNatalie Wood  grant2285880.3
116 Notting Hill (Easy Version)Movies, Romantic Comedy Movies  zendyk5978.3
117 Notting Hill (Super Fan Version)Movies, Romantic Comedy Movies  zendyk2461.3
118 Notting Hill Character Sketch: WillMovies, Fictional Characters  zendyk768.6
119 Now and Then (Easy Version)Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk5984.7
120 Now and Then (Super Fan Version)Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk4264.3
121 Oliver Hardy - Comic MasterMovies, Movie Stars, Comedy Movies, American CultureOliver Hardy  grant228777.1
122 Paul HoganMovies, Movie StarsPaul Hogan  grant22810059.8
123 Quentin Tarantino MoviesMovies, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers  grant2281362.3
124 Raquel Welch - Timeless BeautyMovie Stars, MoviesRaquel Welch  grant2285243.3
125 Reese Witherspoon - Versatile ActressMovies, Movie Stars  grant2282854.3
126 Richard Widmark - Thoughtful ActorMovies, Movie StarsRichard W Widmark  grant2282369.6
127 Rob Zombie- Musician/ Writer/ Director/ ProducerMovies, Heavy MetalRob Zombie  dartjock1472.1
128 Robin Williams- Hilarious ActorMoviesRobin Williams  dartjock3757.6
129 Rodgers and Hammerstein - Musical MastersMusic, Movies  grant2283064.3
130 Russell Crowe - Emphatic ActorMovies, Movie Stars, Australian HistoryRussell Crowe  grant2285162.9
131 Santa Claus Movie-Actor Match GameTV, Radio & Stage, Movies, Christmas  LittleLady16754.8
132 Secondhand LionsMovies  zendyk10974.3
133 Sharon Stone - Stunning StarMovies, Movie StarsSharon Stone  grant2282252.3
134 Shirley Jones: Talented Singer and ActressMovies, MusicShirley Jones  5865.5
135 Singers in MoviesMusic, Movies, Singers  dartjock5361.1
136 Sleeping with the EnemyMovies, Drama Movies  zendyk16171.2
137 So I Married an Axe Murderer (Easy Version)Movies, Romantic Comedy Movies  zendyk2681.2
138 So I Married an Axe Murderer (Fanatic's Version)Movies, Romantic Comedy Movies  zendyk6073.3
139 Sports MoviesSports, Movies  dartjock2379.6
140 Stan Laurel - Comic MasterMovies, Movie Stars, Comedy Movies, American CultureStan Laurel  grant2281349.1
141 Steven Spielberg - Renowned Film DirectorMovies, Horror Movies, Drama Movies, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers, Fantasy Movies, Adventure Movies, American CultureSteven Spielberg  grant22812749
142 Sweet Home AlabamaMovies, Romantic Comedy Movies  zendyk24477.5
143 Take the LeadMovies, Drama Movies  zendyk32050.3
144 The Andrews Sisters - America's Wartime SweetheartsMusic, Movies, American Culture  grant22812642.9
145 The Bridges of Madison CountyMovies, Drama Movies  zendyk18969.4
146 The Dress Code (AKA Bruno)Movies, Comedy Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk681.7
147 The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a MountainMovies, Comedy Movies  zendyk1172.7
148 The Goodbye Girl (1977) :Fanatic's Version Part 2Movies, Romantic Comedy Movies  zendyk3156.5
149 The Goodbye Girl (1977): Easy VersionMovies, Comedy Movies, Romantic Comedy Movies  zendyk7381.2
150 The Goodbye Girl (1977): Fanatic's Version Part 1Movies, Romantic Comedy Movies  zendyk3168.1
151 The Lake HouseMovies, Drama Movies  zendyk4161.2
152 The Out-of-Towners (1970)Movies, Comedy Movies  zendyk8466.1
153 The Part Was Originally Supposed To Go To Whom?TV, Radio & Stage, Movies  Samurai Sam10445.6
154 The Rainbow TribeMovies  zendyk8670.7
155 The Secret Garden (1993)Movies, Drama Movies  zendyk5575.5
156 The White House Goes HollywoodMovies, American Presidents  grant2285556.7
157 Things They "Could" Have Said in the MoviesMovies  lmcubs2791.9
158 To Sir With Love 2Movies, Movies: By Decade, Drama Movies  zendyk1846.7
159 Tom Hanks - Hollywood's Mr Nice GuyMovies, Movie Stars, Movie Stars' Movie Characters  grant2282850.4
160 Top Grossing FilmsMovies  dartjock2237.7
161 W. C. Fields - Comedy MasterMovies, Movie Stars, Comedy Movies  grant2283761.4
162 Wally Cox - More than met the eyeMovies, Movie StarsWally Cox  grant2281055
163 Warren Beatty - Hollywood IconMovies, Movie Stars, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & WritersWarren Beatty  grant2282160
164 Warren Beatty: American ActorMoviesWarren Beatty  FRANKL19652857.1
165 Where Angels Go, Trouble FollowsMovies, Comedy Movies  zendyk3173.2
166 Wizards and WarlocksTV, Radio & Stage, Movies, Literature  lmcubs10272.6
167 Wonderful World of Fictional WitchesTV, Radio & Stage, Movies, Children's Books, Halloween  lmcubs66875.1
168 ZorroMovies, Literature, Fictional Characters  dartjock24164.7

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