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Trivia Quizzes - Music

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Celebrities' Theme SongsMusic  tristan17875.7
3 The Best Train Songs! Part 2Music  madman2639.6
4 The Best Train Songs!Music  madman3959
5 Musical One Hit WondersMusic  LittleLady9748.9
6 Songs About ParksMusic  bill3055
7 Musical GeographyMusic  LittleLady3354.5
8 Party Songs - Artist MatchMusic  bill10862.9
9 Summer SongsMusic  LittleLady12651.7
10 American Idol: Contestants' Hits #2Music, TV Reality Shows  lmcubs10572.5
11 American Idol: Contestants' Hits #1Music, TV Reality Shows  lmcubs15956.9
12 1980s Music - Who Sang It?Music  Hayley26350.8
13 Halloween SongsMusic, Halloween  LittleLady30662.5
14 Christmas Song ComposersMusic, Christmas  lmcubs10674.9
15 Christmas Songs: Fill in the BlanksMusic, Christmas  phonerec87183.8
16 Christmas CarolsMusic, Christmas  LittleLady19574.8
17 Children's Christmas SongsMusic, Christmas  LittleLady15282.7
18 "Santa Baby" LyricsMusic, Christmas  BubblyJolie12864.2
19 Angel Songs - It's Heavenly!Music, Singers  lmcubs13351.4
20 "Crazy" About These SongsMusic  lmcubs11063.1
21 Songs About SaraMusic  garrett2645
22 Record Albums of the 1960s, Part 2Music  Samurai Sam4673
23 Record Albums of the 1960s Part 3Music  Samurai Sam3444.7
24 Record Albums of the 1970s, Part 2Music  Samurai Sam5163.3
25 Record Albums of the 1970s, Part 3Music  Samurai Sam3843.2
26 Record Albums of the 1970s, Part 1Music  Samurai Sam9285.9
27 Record Albums of the 1980s, Part 1Music  Samurai Sam12287.4
28 Record Albums of the 1980s, Part 2Music  Samurai Sam6168.2
29 Record Albums of the 1980s, Part 3Music  Samurai Sam5047.4
30 Songs About JaneMusic  Samurai Sam2560.8
31 TV Theme Songs from Pop & Classical MusicTV, Radio & Stage, Music  Samurai Sam21741.3
32 TV Theme Songs from Pop & Classical Music Part 2Music, American TV Sitcoms, TV Dramas  Samurai Sam19939.7
33 Women's Names in Song TitlesMusic  scarlettem4760.6
34 Men's Names In Song TitlesMusic  scarlettem7440.5
35 The Fender Stratocaster-A Rock & Roll LegendMusic  Samurai Sam15067.4
36 A Whole New WorldMusic, Animated Movies  BubblyJolie2360.9
37 Jan and DeanMusic  scarlettem3075
38 Jan and Dean: Rock and Roll DuoMusic  scarlettem12369.8
39 Australian Singers and BandsMusic  Hayley5152.4
40 Songs With the Word "Blue" in the TitleMusic  cindilee8160.6
41 Disney Songs: Part 2Music, Animated Movies  lmcubs36482.3
42 Disney SongsMusic, Animated Movies  lmcubs1,06178.9
43 Colorful SongsMusic  LittleLady6881.3
44 One Hit Wonders of the 1950sMusic  Samurai Sam6357.8
45 One Hit Wonders of the 1960sMusic, Pop Music  Samurai Sam21256.9
46 One Hit Wonders of the 1970sMusic  Samurai Sam12348.5
47 Autumn SongsMusic  lmcubs1,65439.3
48 Songs with the Word "Without" in the TitleMusic, Rock Music  Samurai Sam21061.2
49 Songs with the Word "With" in the TitleMusic  Samurai Sam2361.7
50 Musicians' Last RecordsMusic  Samurai Sam3034.3
51 Songs with City Names in the TitleMusic  phonerec7584.5
52 Bodies of Water in MusicMusic  Samurai Sam5553.3
53 Double AlbumsMusic  Samurai Sam2549.2
54 North, South, East, & West in Rock MusicMusic  Samurai Sam2248.6
55 Guitars Named for Recording ArtistsMusic  Samurai Sam2343
56 Around Town: Cities in MusicMusic  ravioli4974.1
57 Musicians Turned Movie DirectorsMusic, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers  lmcubs4858.3
58 Same Title, Different SongMusic  Samurai Sam3861.8
59 Who Recorded These Albums?Music  Samurai Sam2750
60 Who Recorded These Albums? Part IIMusic  Samurai Sam2554.4
61 Who Recorded These Albums? Part IIIMusic  Samurai Sam2165.7
62 Who Recorded These Albums? Part IVMusic  Samurai Sam1980
63 Who Recorded These Albums? Part VMusic  Samurai Sam1473.6
64 Who Recorded These Albums? Part VIMusic  Samurai Sam1670
65 Who Recorded These Albums? Part VIIMusic  Samurai Sam1553.3
66 Who Recorded These Albums? Part VIIIMusic  Samurai Sam1454.3
67 Who Recorded These Albums? Part IXMusic  Samurai Sam1663.8
68 Who Recorded These Albums? Part XMusic  Samurai Sam1764.1
69 We're With The BandMusic  scarlettem2983.1
70 We're With The Band IIMusic  scarlettem2369.6
71 Recording Artists Mentioned in Songs by Other Recording ArtistsMusic  Samurai Sam3049.7
72 1990s Music - Who Sang It ?Music  Hayley9349.8
73 Woodstock Festival: An Aquarian ExpositionMusic, American Culture  bill12051
74 Contemporary Mexican SingersMusic  bill3035
75 Broadway SongsMusic, Broadway, Fine Arts  grant22822769.6
76 The Statler Brothers: Country GentlemenMusic, Country Music  scarlettem21262.9
77 Opera FavoritesMusic, Classical Music, Fine Arts  grant2287872.6
78 Sonny & Cher: Funny Musical TV CoupleMusic, TV Variety Shows  bill18751.4
79 Songs With the Word "Thunder" in the TitleMusic  madman5650.9
80 More Cowbell Part I: Songs Featuring The CowbellMusic  FRANKL19652269.5
81 More Cowbell Part II: Songs Featuring The CowbellMusic  FRANKL1965656.7
82 Songs About BirdsMusic  FRANKL19651861.7
83 Songs Featuring U.S. State NamesMusic, Rock Music  FRANKL19658974.7
84 "Wild" Songs: Song Titles Featuring the Word "Wild"Music, Pop Music  FRANKL196518072.5
85 Gilbert and Sullivan SongsMusic  grant22812073.4
86 One More for the Road: Songs about RoadwaysMusic, Pop Music  FRANKL19656264.2
87 One-Word Platinum Rock AlbumsMusic, Rock -n- Roll  FRANKL19654674.1
88 Songs of ColorMusic, Pop Music  FRANKL19656871.9
89 Meet Me In St. Louis: The MusicMusic, Musical Movies  zendyk6644.2
90 Fishing SongsMusic  bill1130.9
91 Pop Music PartnersMusic, Pop Music  grant2286173.4
92 Singers in MoviesMusic, Movies, Singers  dartjock5361.1
93 Songs about CarsMusic  dartjock4161.5
94 Songs With the Word "Hurricane" in the TitleMusic  bill1355.4
95 Songs with Animals in the Title: Part 1Music  dartjock1080
96 Songs with Animals in the Title: Part 2Music  dartjock867.5
97 Songs with Animals in the Title: Part 3Music  dartjock774.3
98 Galaxy SongMusic, Science & Nature  grant2281963.7
99 National AnthemsMusic, World Culture  grant2284636.7
100 Wendy Rule: Song Album MatchMusic, Singers  heather~emo princess455
101 Blind MusiciansMusic  dartjock4752.8

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