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Trivia Quizzes - Drama Movies

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
102 Jake LaMotta: The Raging BullDrama Movies, BoxingJake LaMotta  dartjock6153.3
103 The Lone RangerDrama Movies, Fictional Characters, American Culture, Children's Books  dartjock21577.2
104 Abe Vigoda: Timeless ActorDrama Movies, Television StarsAbe Vigoda  7477.7
105 A Clockwork Orange: The MovieSci Fi Movies, Drama Movies, Fantasy Movies  11175.9
106 Blade Runner: Classic Sci-Fi FilmSci Fi Movies, Drama Movies, Fantasy Movies  10984.8
107 Jack Cassidy: Stage, Screen and Television StarDrama Movies, Television Stars, TV DramasJack Cassidy  4977.6
108 Top GunDrama Movies  jetrose815542.2
109 Disney's "Heidi" ActorsDrama Movies  heather~emo princess1453.6

Grand Averages for these 8 Quizzes     67.8

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