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Trivia Quizzes - World War I

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 World War I BasicsWorld War I  charles47468
3 Alvin C. York: American HeroAmerican History, World War IAlvin C York  scarlettem45965.2
4 Anzacs at GallipoliWorld War I, Australian History  grant22841759.8
5 Simpson and his donkey - A hero without a gunWorld War I, Australian HistoryJohn SImpson  grant2283534.3
6 Baron von Richthofen - The Red BaronWorld War I, German History  grant2286966.8
7 The Assassination of Archduke FerdinandWorld War I, History, Assassinations  grant22813961.9
8 Lawrence of ArabiaHistory, World War I, British History  grant22817450.8
9 ANZACS at Gallipoli - Part IIHistory, World War I, Australian History  grant2281445.7
10 Mata Hari - Femme FataleHistory, World War I  grant2283854.5
11 John Monash - Esteemed Australian GeneralHistory, World War I, Australian History  grant228872.5
12 "Black Jack" PershingAmerican History, World War I, American MilitaryJohn J Pershing  patrickryan14048.2
13 Douglas MacArthur: U.S. Army GeneralWorld War I, World War II, Korean War, American MilitaryDouglas MacArthur  patrickryan37152.6

Grand Averages for these 12 Quizzes     56.7®   

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