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Trivia Quizzes - TV, Radio & Stage

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
101 TV Characters with Special PowersTV, Radio & Stage, Animated TV Series & Cartoons  lmcubs27185.6
102 TV Characters: Where Did They Live?TV, Radio & Stage, American TV Sitcoms, Fictional Characters  lmcubs39663.6
103 TV DogsTV, Radio & Stage  LittleLady12047
104 TV Dogs: Part 2TV, Radio & Stage  LittleLady6864.4
105 TV DrunksTV, Radio & Stage  bill663.3
106 TV GeneralTV, Radio & Stage  0zero04556
107 TV House ServantsTV, Radio & Stage  bill16179.6
108 TV Judges and Their Court ShowsTV, Radio & Stage  0zero09551.7
109 TV Quotes of the 1960sTV, Radio & Stage  lmcubs59349.5
110 TV Riders and their HorsesTV, Radio & Stage  bill8949.4
111 TV Shows that Appeared on More Than One NetworkTV, Radio & Stage  Samurai Sam841.3
112 TV Theme Songs from Pop & Classical MusicTV, Radio & Stage, Music  Samurai Sam21741.3
113 TV WesternsTV, Radio & Stage  0zero014780.3
114 TV's Best Catch Phrases #1TV, Radio & Stage  martha30483.5
115 TV's Best Catch Phrases #2TV, Radio & Stage  martha23884.7
116 TV's Best Catch Phrases #3TV, Radio & Stage  martha43887.5
117 TV's Best Catch Phrases #4TV, Radio & Stage  Samurai Sam53460.6
118 TV's Best Catch Phrases #5TV, Radio & Stage  Samurai Sam11765.3
119 U S T.V. Trivia IITV, Radio & Stage  grant2281467.1
120 U S T.V. TriviaTV, Radio & Stage  grant2281848.3
121 U.S. Horror HostsTV, Radio & Stage  dartjock653.3
122 Will Rogers: American Cowboy and HumoristTV, Radio & Stage, American AuthorsWill Rogers  phonerec15144.8
123 Willard Scott: A Clown of a WeathermanTV, Radio & StageWillard Scott  dartjock5844.8
124 Wizards and WarlocksTV, Radio & Stage, Movies, Literature  lmcubs10272.6
125 Wonderful World of Fictional WitchesTV, Radio & Stage, Movies, Children's Books, Halloween  lmcubs66875.1
126 WrestlemaniaTV, Radio & Stage, Sports, American Culture, Professional Wrestling  dartjock4952.2
127 Yes, Minister!TV, Radio & Stage, British Sitcoms  grant2284274.8

Grand Averages for these 27 Quizzes     62.5

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