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Trivia Quizzes - NFL Football

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 NFL Players' Nicknames: Part 2NFL Football  bill6483
3 Nick Saban: Great College Football Coach!NFL Football, SEC FootballNick Saban  bill1,00452
4 Super Bowl Game Sites: Part 2NFL Football  bill2360.9
5 Super Bowl Cinch!NFL Football  bill19275.3
6 Super Bowl Game Sites: Part 1NFL Football  bill4155.1
7 Super Bowl Coaches: Part 1NFL Football  bill9369.2
8 Bill Belichick: Early CareerNFL FootballBill Belichick  catherine8644.4
9 NFL Individual Scoring FirstsNFL Football  garrett16730.8
10 Super Bowl Champions of OldNFL Football  dave13084.9
11 Joe Namath FactsNFL Football, SEC FootballJoe Namath  dave69572.8
12 Tony Dungy: Epic NFL CoachNFL FootballTony Dungy  cbliar28851.4
13 Brett Favre - Football LegendNFL FootballBrett Favre  kirkman161,09856.1
14 Barry Switzer: Former OU Head CoachNFL Football, Big 12 FootballBarry Switzer  phonerec10363.7
15 Terry Bradshaw: Legendary QuarterbackNFL Football, College FootballTerry Bradshaw  scarlettem16363
16 Dan FoutsNFL Football, FootballDan Fouts  zeppy734556.7
17 NFL Quarterbacks: Retired Gridiron GreatsNFL Football  FRANKL196512148
18 NFL Europe: City-Team Match GameNFL Football, Football  FRANKL19651179.1
19 NFL: Pro Football Rule BookNFL Football  FRANKL196525644.2
20 APFA: The American Professional Football Association: Team NamesNFL Football  FRANKL19652450
21 NFL: Helmet Logo ChallengeNFL Football  FRANKL196529435.3
22 NFL: Rookies of the YearNFL Football  FRANKL19652957.6
23 NFL Quarterback Jersey Numbers: Part IINFL Football  FRANKL19656582.8
24 NFL Quarterback Jersey Numbers: Part INFL Football  FRANKL196511972.2
25 NFL Players' NicknamesNFL Football  FRANKL196514665.1
26 Johnny Unitas - Colts GreatNFL FootballJohnny Unitas  dartjock7569.2
27 Earl Campbell - Punishing RunnerNFL FootballEarl Campbell  dartjock5367.4
28 Herschel Walker - NFL GreatNFL FootballHerschel Walker  dartjock6266.5
29 Donovan McNabb - High Flying EagleNFL FootballDonovan McNabb  dartjock961.1
30 Steve McNair - One Tough QuarterbackNFL FootballSteve McNair  dartjock788.6
31 2012 NFL Referee LockoutNFL Football  dartjock1648.1
32 Kurt Warner - NFL Success StoryNFL FootballKurt Warner  dartjock4764
33 Marvin Harrison - Colts GreatNFL FootballMarvin Harrison  dartjock653.3
34 Warren Moon - Prolific PasserNFL FootballWarren Moon  dartjock2444.2
35 Reggie White - Sack MachineNFL FootballReggie White  dartjock1284.2
36 Drew Brees-Supercharged SaintNFL FootballDrew Brees  dartjock53562.3
37 Jim Kelly: Buffalo Bills QuarterbackNFL FootballJim Kelly  dartjock2868.6
38 "Mean" Joe GreeneNFL FootballJoe Greene  dartjock3555.1
39 Jake Delhomme - NFL QuarterbackNFL FootballJake Delhomme  dartjock1170.9
40 Lance Alworth - HOF Wide ReceiverNFL FootballLance Alworth  dartjock872.5
41 Jared Allen - NFL GreatNFL FootballJared Allen  dartjock757.1
42 Monday Night FootballNFL Football  dartjock5354.2
43 Michael Vick- Elusive QuarterbackNFL FootballMichael Vick  dartjock6469.4
44 Mike Ditka- Da' CoachNFL FootballMike Ditka  dartjock5166.3
45 Ronnie Lott- Impact PlayerNFL FootballRonnie Lott  dartjock961.1
46 NFL #1 Draft Pick BustsNFL Football  dartjock2668.1
47 Ray Lewis: NFL LinebackerNFL FootballRay Lewis  dartjock12269.4
48 Fran Tarkenton- Mobile QuarterbackNFL FootballFran Tarkenton  dartjock7652.9
49 Lawrence Taylor- Sack SpecialistNFL FootballLawrence Taylor  dartjock3775.4
50 Spygate: NFL Videotaping ControversyNFL Football  dartjock460
51 Phil Simms- Super Bowl Winning QuarterbackNFL FootballPhil Simms  dartjock1275.8
52 Marcus Allen: A Smooth RunnerNFL FootballMarcus Allen  dartjock2764.1
53 Tim Tebow: "Tebow Mania!"NFL Football, SEC FootballTim Tebow  dartjock46448.2
54 Alex Smith: San Francisco 49er QBNFL FootballAlex Smith  dartjock7747.8
55 Ben RoethlisbergerNFL Football, FootballBen Roethlisberger  dartjock10466.7
56 Troy PolamaluNFL Football, FootballTroy A Polamalu  dartjock7050.4
57 Tom Brady: Elite QuarterbackNFL FootballTom Brady  dartjock3360
58 Peyton Manning: Colts Greatest QuarterbackNFL Football, College FootballPeyton W Manning  dartjock3558
59 Marshall Faulk: NFL Elite Running BackNFL Football, College FootballMarshall Faulk  dartjock1749.4
60 Arian Foster: Super TexanNFL FootballArian Foster  dartjock7156.1
61 Hines Ward - Super SteelerNFL Football, College FootballHines Ward  dartjock3446.2
62 NFL Hall of FamersNFL Football  dartjock3490.6
63 Chad Ochocinco: Elite Wide ReceiverNFL FootballChad Ochocinco  dartjock666.7
64 Junior Seau - San Diego Super ChargerNFL FootballJunior Seau  dartjock1153.6
65 NFL Quarterback Jersey MatchNFL Football  dartjock3377.3
66 Shannon Sharpe-Premier Tight EndNFL FootballShannon Sharpe  dartjock5551.5
67 Joe Montana-Joe CoolNFL FootballJoe Montana  dartjock13263.7
68 Jerry Rice-Amazing Wide RecieverNFL FootballJerry L Rice  dartjock3056.7
69 Barry Sanders-Lightning in a BottleNFL FootballBarry Sanders  dartjock5354.9
70 Dan Marino: "Air Marino"NFL FootballDan Marino  dartjock11539
71 John Elway-Legendary BroncoNFL FootballJohn Elway  dartjock4269
72 Troy Aikman: Dallas Cowboy GreatNFL FootballTroy K Aikman  dartjock7156.6
73 Emmitt Smith-Power RusherNFL FootballEmmitt Smith  dartjock1661.3
74 Tony Dorsett-Dallas Hall of FamerNFL FootballTony Dorsett  dartjock2072.5
75 Steve Young-49er GreatNFL FootballSteve Young  dartjock3864.7
76 Jerome Bettis-Power Running BackNFL FootballJerome Bettis  dartjock2460.4
77 Roger Staubach: Dallas Cowboy LeaderNFL FootballRoger Staubach  dartjock6671.4
78 Michael Irvin: Dallas Cowboy GreatNFL FootballMichael Irvin  dartjock2668.1

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