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Trivia Quizzes - NFL Football

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 NFL Quarterback Jersey Numbers: Part IINFL Football  FRANKL19656582.8
3 NFL Quarterbacks: Retired Gridiron GreatsNFL Football  FRANKL196512148
4 NFL Europe: City-Team Match GameNFL Football, Football  FRANKL19651179.1
5 NFL: Pro Football Rule BookNFL Football  FRANKL196525644.2
6 APFA: The American Professional Football Association: Team NamesNFL Football  FRANKL19652450
7 NFL: Helmet Logo ChallengeNFL Football  FRANKL196529435.3
8 NFL: Rookies of the YearNFL Football  FRANKL19652957.6
9 NFL Players' Nicknames: Part 2NFL Football  bill6483
10 NFL Hall of FamersNFL Football  dartjock3490.6
11 NFL Quarterback Jersey MatchNFL Football  dartjock3377.3
12 Monday Night FootballNFL Football  dartjock5754.7
13 2012 NFL Referee LockoutNFL Football  dartjock1648.1
14 NFL #1 Draft Pick BustsNFL Football  dartjock2568.4
15 NFL Quarterback Jersey Numbers: Part INFL Football  FRANKL196511972.2
16 NFL Players' NicknamesNFL Football  FRANKL196514665.1
17 Super Bowl Cinch!NFL Football  bill19275.3
18 NFL Individual Scoring FirstsNFL Football  garrett16730.8
19 Super Bowl Champions of OldNFL Football  dave13084.9
20 Super Bowl Coaches: Part 1NFL Football  bill9369.2
21 Super Bowl Game Sites: Part 1NFL Football  bill4155.1
22 Super Bowl Game Sites: Part 2NFL Football  bill2360.9
23 Troy Aikman: Dallas Cowboy GreatNFL FootballTroy K Aikman  dartjock7255.6
24 Marcus Allen: A Smooth RunnerNFL FootballMarcus Allen  dartjock2762.6
25 Tom Brady: Elite QuarterbackNFL FootballTom Brady  dartjock3159.4
26 Mike Ditka- Da' CoachNFL FootballMike Ditka  dartjock5467.4
27 John Elway-Legendary BroncoNFL FootballJohn Elway  dartjock4269
28 Brett Favre - Football LegendNFL FootballBrett Favre  kirkman161,09456.2
29 Vince Lombardi BasicsNFL FootballVince Lombardi  bill29268.3
30 Peyton Manning: Colts Greatest QuarterbackNFL Football, College FootballPeyton W Manning  dartjock3459.1
31 Dan Marino: "Air Marino"NFL FootballDan Marino  dartjock11338.1
32 Donovan McNabb - High Flying EagleNFL FootballDonovan McNabb  dartjock961.1
33 Joe Montana-Joe CoolNFL FootballJoe Montana  dartjock13263.7
34 Joe Namath FactsNFL Football, SEC FootballJoe Namath  dave69472.9
35 Jerry Rice-Amazing Wide RecieverNFL FootballJerry L Rice  dartjock2956.2
36 Barry Sanders-Lightning in a BottleNFL FootballBarry Sanders  dartjock5154.3
37 Junior Seau - San Diego Super ChargerNFL FootballJunior Seau  dartjock1153.6
38 Emmitt Smith-Power RusherNFL FootballEmmitt Smith  dartjock1758.8
39 Roger Staubach: Dallas Cowboy LeaderNFL FootballRoger Staubach  dartjock6671.4
40 Fran Tarkenton- Mobile QuarterbackNFL FootballFran Tarkenton  dartjock7155.2
41 Lawrence Taylor- Sack SpecialistNFL FootballLawrence Taylor  dartjock3775.4
42 Johnny Unitas - Colts GreatNFL FootballJohnny Unitas  dartjock7569.2
43 Herschel Walker - NFL GreatNFL FootballHerschel Walker  dartjock6066.3
44 Kurt Warner - NFL Success StoryNFL FootballKurt Warner  dartjock4864
45 Steve Young-49er GreatNFL FootballSteve Young  dartjock3765.9
46 Tony Dungy: Epic NFL CoachNFL FootballTony Dungy  cbliar22453.1
47 Nick Saban: Great College Football Coach!NFL Football, SEC FootballNick Saban  bill1,00252
48 Bill Belichick: Early CareerNFL FootballBill Belichick  catherine8644.2
49 Barry Switzer: Former OU Head CoachNFL Football, Big 12 FootballBarry Switzer  phonerec10463.8
50 Terry Bradshaw: Legendary QuarterbackNFL Football, College FootballTerry Bradshaw  scarlettem16263.3
51 Warren Moon - Prolific PasserNFL FootballWarren Moon  dartjock2045
52 Jim Kelly: Buffalo Bills QuarterbackNFL FootballJim Kelly  dartjock2868.6
53 Drew Brees-Supercharged SaintNFL FootballDrew Brees  dartjock53462.3
54 Ben RoethlisbergerNFL Football, FootballBen Roethlisberger  dartjock10266.3
55 Alex Smith: San Francisco 49er QBNFL FootballAlex Smith  dartjock7647.9
56 Jake Delhomme - NFL QuarterbackNFL FootballJake Delhomme  dartjock1170.9
57 Dan FoutsNFL Football, FootballDan Fouts  zeppy734656.5
58 Reggie White - Sack MachineNFL FootballReggie White  dartjock1284.2
59 Earl Campbell - Punishing RunnerNFL FootballEarl Campbell  dartjock4865.2
60 "Mean" Joe GreeneNFL FootballJoe Greene  dartjock3655.3
61 Phil Simms- Super Bowl Winning QuarterbackNFL FootballPhil Simms  dartjock1275.8
62 Ronnie Lott- Impact PlayerNFL FootballRonnie Lott  dartjock961.1
63 Lance Alworth - HOF Wide ReceiverNFL FootballLance Alworth  dartjock872.5
64 Ray Lewis: NFL LinebackerNFL FootballRay Lewis  dartjock11768.7
65 Troy PolamaluNFL Football, FootballTroy A Polamalu  dartjock6950.4
66 Michael Vick- Elusive QuarterbackNFL FootballMichael Vick  dartjock6469.4
67 Arian Foster: Super TexanNFL FootballArian Foster  dartjock7156.1
68 Jared Allen - NFL GreatNFL FootballJared Allen  dartjock655
69 Hines Ward - Super SteelerNFL Football, College FootballHines Ward  dartjock3446.2
70 Tim Tebow: "Tebow Mania!"NFL Football, SEC FootballTim Tebow  dartjock46248.3
71 Marshall Faulk: NFL Elite Running BackNFL Football, College FootballMarshall Faulk  dartjock1651.3
72 Chad Ochocinco: Elite Wide ReceiverNFL FootballChad Ochocinco  dartjock560
73 Tony Dorsett-Dallas Hall of FamerNFL FootballTony Dorsett  dartjock2170
74 Jerome Bettis-Power Running BackNFL FootballJerome Bettis  dartjock2361.3
75 Michael Irvin: Dallas Cowboy GreatNFL FootballMichael Irvin  dartjock2666.2
76 Shannon Sharpe-Premier Tight EndNFL FootballShannon Sharpe  dartjock5551.5
77 Marvin Harrison - Colts GreatNFL FootballMarvin Harrison  dartjock653.3
78 Steve McNair - One Tough QuarterbackNFL FootballSteve McNair  dartjock788.6

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