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Trivia Quizzes - British History

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 London: World's Cultural CapitalCulture, British History, North American Geography  bill7782.5
3 Boris Johnson - British Prime MinisterBritish History, British Prime Ministers  grant228658.3
4 Henry Morton Stanley - Journalist and ExplorerHistory, American History, British History  grant2282653.5
5 Bertrand Russell - British PhilosopherHistory, British History  grant22834242.4
6 The Union Jack - Britain's FlagHistory, British History  grant22839353.3
7 Bernard Montgomery - El Alamein SupremoHistory, World War II, British History  grant2286443.6
8 David Livingstone - Explorer and MissionaryBritish History, History  grant22832262.6
9 Rudyard Kipling - British Imperial WriterHistory, Literature, Authors, British History  grant2281560
10 Horatio Nelson and Emma Hamilton - Scandalous LoversBritish History  grant2281956.3
11 Canute - King of EnglandBritish Royalty, British History  grant2283547.4
12 Charles I - Executed King of EnglandBritish Royalty, British History  grant22830160.9
13 Lawrence of ArabiaHistory, World War I, British History  grant22818450.2
14 Pamela Harriman: "A world expert on rich men's bedroom ceilings"American History, British HistoryPamela Harriman  grant2282254.5
15 Battle of BannockburnHistory, British History  grant2282666.9
16 Prince Philip - The "Duke of Hazard" Part IIHistory, British Royalty, British History  grant2281255.8
17 Jonathan Swift - Sharp-eyed SatiristHistory, Literature, Authors, British HistoryJonathan Swift  grant22828451.1
18 The Battle of WaterlooHistory, British History, French History  grant228570
19 Thomas More - English MartyrHistory, British History  grant228676.7
20 Prime Ministers of BritainHistory, British History, British Prime Ministers  grant228676.7
21 Rolls Royce - The Partnership that built an icon.History, Automotive Industry, British History  grant2281443.6
22 The Wives of Henry VIIIHistory, British Royalty, British History  grant2286267.6
23 Thomas Malthus - Population ProphetHistory, British HistoryThomas Malthus  grant228470
24 Michael Faraday - Influential ScientistHistory, Science & Nature, Scientists, British HistoryMichael Faraday  grant2282350.9
25 The Great Fire of LondonHistory, British History  grant2281261.7
26 Richard "The Lionheart"History, British History  grant2288259.3
27 Walter Raleigh - Explorer, Politician and WriterHistory, British HistoryWalter Raleigh  grant2284156.1
28 John Milton - English PoetHistory, Literature, British Authors, British History  grant2284463.6
29 Winston Churchill -The Middle YearsHistory, British History, British Prime MinistersWinston S Churchill  grant2281467.1
30 Winston Churchill - The Early YearsHistory, British History, British Prime MinistersWinston S Churchill  grant2281758.2
31 William Wallace - Scottish Independence HeroBritish History, History  grant22858959.7
32 The Spanish ArmadaBritish History, Spanish History  grant22821350.1
33 Anne Boleyn - Doomed Queen of EnglandBritish Royalty, British History  grant22817573.1
34 Mary, Queen of ScotsHistory, British HistoryMary Queen of Scots  grant22836667.5
35 Charles Darwin - Natural Selection StarScience & Nature, Scientists, British HistoryCharles R Darwin  grant2285550.4
36 William the ConquerorBritish History, History  grant22896154.5
37 Duke of Wellington - The Iron DukeBritish HistoryArthur Wellesley  grant22816063.6
38 Horatio Nelson - Hero of TrafalgarBritish HistoryHoratio Nelson  grant22831156.5
39 Isaac Newton - Scientific GeniusScientists, British HistoryIsaac Newton  grant2288352.7
40 Elizabeth I - The Virgin QueenBritish Royalty, British HistoryQueen Elizabeth I  grant22820151
41 William Bligh - Controversial Sailor and GovernorAustralian History, British HistoryWilliam Bligh  grant2281837.2
42 Oliver CromwellBritish HistoryOliver Cromwell  grant22820164.2
43 Margaret Thatcher - The Lady Who Was Not for TurningHistory, British History, British Prime MinistersMargaret H Thatcher  grant22820553.2
44 Francis Drake: Naval AdventurerEuropean Age of Discovery, British HistoryFrancis Drake  grant22880951.2
45 James Cook - King of NavigatorsEuropean Age of Discovery, British HistoryJames Cook  grant22820349
46 Samuel Johnson - Man of LettersAuthors, British HistorySamuel Johnson  grant22841349.4
47 Royals Behaving Badly IIHistory, British Royalty, British History  grant2289662
48 Elizabeth Cook - Wife of the Legendary SeafarerBritish History  grant2282257.3
49 Prince Albert - Husband of Queen VictoriaHistory, British Royalty, British History  grant22811269.9
50 William Gladstone - British Prime MinisterBritish History, British Prime Ministers  grant2285449.4
51 Florence Nightingale - Lady with the LampBritish HistoryFlorence Nightingale  grant22834144
52 William Tyndale -The Father of the English BibleChristianity, British HistoryWilliam Tyndale  grant22810645.8
53 Lord Byron - Leading Romantic PoetLiterature, Authors, British History  grant22826447.9
54 King Arthur and His KnightsWorld Culture, British History  grant22847747.7
55 Robert Falcon Scott - Heroic Antarctic ExplorerBritish History, Polar Exploration  grant22837360.9
56 Samuel PepysBritish History  grant22812153.3
57 Benedict Arnold - General in Two Armies!American History, American Revolutionary War, American Military, British HistoryBenedict Arnold  patrickryan18260.3
58 Captain William Kidd - PrivateerBritish HistoryWilliam Kidd  patrickryan2441.7
59 Shipwrecks: RMS Empress of IrelandWhat Year Did It Happen?, British History, Canadian History  patrickryan3747
60 Captain James Cook: Voyages of DiscoveryEuropean Age of Discovery, British HistoryJames Cook  24063.5
61 The Battle of BritainWorld War II, Amazing "Firsts" in History!, British History  KenKraska44342.1

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