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Trivia Quizzes - Major League Baseball

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Tony La Russa: Legendary Baseball CoachMajor League BaseballTony La Russa  bill8164.3
3 1980 World Series' BasicsMajor League Baseball  bill12340.6
4 Major League Baseball: World Series PitchingMajor League Baseball  garrett12242.9
5 Major League Baseball's First "Taters"Major League Baseball  garrett19253.5
6 Babe Ruth: Baseball GiantMajor League BaseballBabe Ruth  charles65458.6
7 Mark McGwire FactsMajor League BaseballMark McGwire  tylair109757.6
8 ML Baseball: Name That Team # 2Major League Baseball  tazzytina18980.1
9 ML Baseball: Name That Team #1Major League Baseball  tazzytina21380.5
10 1980 World SeriesMajor League Baseball  tazzytina23676.6
11 Jim Abbott: One Handed Wonder!Sports, Major League BaseballJim Abbott  trickymutha17962
12 Rollie Fingers- Hall of Fame ReleiverMajor League BaseballRollie Fingers  dartjock2048.5
13 Miguel Cabrera - 2012 Triple Crown WinnerMajor League BaseballMiguel Cabrera  dartjock6356.3
14 Baseball's Pitching Triple CrownMajor League Baseball  dartjock2017.5
15 Baseball Triple Crown Winners - FactsMajor League Baseball  dartjock5048
16 Mel Allen - The Voice of BaseballMajor League BaseballMel Allen  dartjock1564.7
17 Sparky Anderson - HOF ManagerMajor League BaseballSparky Anderson  dartjock2458.3
18 Barry Larkin - Reds CaptainMajor League BaseballBarry Larkin  dartjock1463.6
19 Nomar Garciapara - Fan Favorite in BostonMajor League BaseballNomar Garciapara  dartjock1267.5
20 Carl Yastrzemski - Red Sox GreatMajor League BaseballCarl Yastrzemski  dartjock5970.8
21 Dizzy Dean-The Pride of St.LouisMajor League BaseballDizzy Dean  dartjock4653.9
22 Connie Mack-The Great oneMajor League BaseballConnie Mack  dartjock1450
23 Chipper Jones-True BraveMajor League BaseballChipper Jones  dartjock4056.3
24 Joe Morgan: Reds' Second BasemanMajor League BaseballJoe Morgan  dartjock1452.9
25 Jackie Robinson - Baseball LegendMajor League BaseballJackie Robinson  dartjock35464.2
26 Tom Seaver - Amazing Met!Major League BaseballTom Seaver  dartjock1568.7
27 George Brett - Royal GreatMajor League BaseballGeorge Brett  dartjock3179.7
28 Pee Wee ReeseMajor League BaseballPee Wee Reese  dartjock2276.8
29 Mariano Rivera- Yankees Greatest CloserMajor League BaseballMariano Rivera  dartjock6174.3
30 Dennis Eckersley- Dominant CloserMajor League BaseballDennis Eckersley  dartjock1064
31 Walter Johnson- The Big TrainMajor League BaseballWalter Johnson  dartjock2253.2
32 Baseball Players with Animal NicknamesMajor League Baseball  dartjock7771
33 Jose Canseco- JuicedMajor League BaseballJose Canseco  dartjock2952.8
34 Phil Rizzuto- Baseball GreatMajor League BaseballPhil Rizzuto  dartjock1483.6
35 Jim Palmer- Outstanding PitcherMajor League BaseballJim Palmer  dartjock6258.5
36 Kirby Puckett- Baseball's Nice GuyMajor League BaseballKirby Puckett  dartjock1265
37 Al Kaline- First Ballot Hall of FamerMajor League BaseballAl Kaline  dartjock4868.3
38 Bob Feller- Baseball GreatMajor League BaseballBob Feller  dartjock5753
39 Carlton Fisk- Catching GreatMajor League BaseballCarlton Fisk  dartjock2166.7
40 Roberto Clemente- Mr. 3000Major League BaseballRoberto Clemente  dartjock5459.4
41 Cy Young-Baseball IconMajor League BaseballCy Young  dartjock1155.5
42 Mike PiazzaMajor League BaseballMike Piazza  dartjock1182.7
43 Reggie Jackson: Mr. OctoberMajor League BaseballReggie Jackson  dartjock3158.7
44 Randy Johnson- FlamethrowerMajor League BaseballRandy Johnson  dartjock762.9
45 Cal Ripken Jr. - Iron ManMajor League BaseballCal Ripken Jr. dartjock6553.8
46 Rickey Henderson- King of ThievesMajor League BaseballRickey Henderson  dartjock1862.8
47 MLB Hall of FamersMajor League Baseball  dartjock4089.5
48 MLB All-Star GameMajor League Baseball  dartjock2756.3
49 MLB Homerun DerbyMajor League Baseball  dartjock1948.9
50 MLB Player Jersey MatchSports, Major League Baseball  dartjock3084.7
51 Major League Baseball Mascots - Part 2Major League Baseball  dartjock3058
52 Major League Baseball Mascots - Part 1Major League Baseball  dartjock7656.3
53 Stan Musial - A Great Hitter: Part 2Major League BaseballStan Musial  dartjock1360.8
54 Stan Musial - A Great Hitter: Part 1Major League BaseballStan Musial  dartjock4773.4
55 Kirk Gibson: A Hobbling HeroMajor League BaseballKirk Gibson  dartjock3159.7
56 Joe DiMaggio: "Joltin' Joe"Major League BaseballJoe DiMaggio  dartjock12069.2
57 Albert Pujols: A Hitting MachineMajor League BaseballAlbert Pujols  dartjock3063
58 Joey VottoSports, Major League BaseballJoey Votto  dartjock10349.5
59 David Ortiz: A Great Clutch HitterSports, Major League BaseballDavid Ortiz  dartjock25059.8
60 Manny RamirezSports, Major League BaseballManny Ramirez  dartjock2255
61 Derek Jeter Sports, Major League BaseballDerek S Jeter  dartjock4457.5
62 Darryl Strawberry: Fruity MetMajor League BaseballDarryl E Strawberry  dartjock5246.7
63 Pete Rose: Baseball's All-Time Hit KingMajor League BaseballPete Rose  dartjock15556.5
64 Johnny Bench-The Greatest Catcher Ever?Major League BaseballJohnny L Bench  dartjock10052.9
65 Roger MarisMajor League BaseballRoger E Maris  dartjock5963.1
66 Rod CarewMajor League BaseballRod Carew  dartjock1968.4
67 Tommy Lasorda-Bleeding Dodger BlueMajor League BaseballTommy Lasorda  dartjock2352.6
68 Whitey Ford-Yankee GreatMajor League BaseballWhitey Ford  dartjock3963.6
69 Dwight Gooden-Mets AceMajor League BaseballDwight Gooden  dartjock2857.9
70 Fernando Valenzuela-Dodger GreatMajor League BaseballFernando Valenzuela  dartjock13152.7
71 Tony ArmasMajor League BaseballTony Armas  dartjock751.4
72 Ozzie Smith-Defensive WizardMajor League BaseballOzzie Smith  dartjock1069
73 Nolan Ryan- MLB FlamethrowerMajor League BaseballNolan Ryan  dartjock3766.8
74 Baseball's Triple CrownMajor League Baseball  dartjock3364.2
75 Mickey Mantle: Popular YankeeMajor League BaseballMickey C Mantle  dartjock7171.5
76 Joe Jackson: Say It Ain't So JoeMajor League BaseballJoseph J Jackson  dartjock1554.7
77 Ernie Banks: A Great Cub!Major League BaseballErnie Banks  dartjock10355
78 Lou Brock: King of the Base PathsMajor League BaseballLou Brock  dartjock2458.8
79 Yogi Berra - What did he Say?Major League BaseballYogi Berra  dartjock5965.9
80 Lou Gehrig: Iron ManMajor League BaseballLou Gehrig  dartjock9873.3
81 Ted Williams: Baseball GreatMajor League BaseballTed Williams  dartjock5674.3

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