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Trivia Quizzes - Heavy Metal

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Aerosmith: The Early YearsHeavy Metal  bill12550.3
3 Led Zeppelin: Post-Bonham Years (1980 and Beyond)Heavy Metal  bill12676.9
4 Led Zeppelin: Glory Years (1971-1975)Heavy Metal  bill25770.1
5 Led Zeppelin: A Look at the Early Days (1968-70)Heavy Metal  bill32661.1
6 Black Sabbath: The Early YearsHeavy Metal  bill5464.1
7 FoghatHeavy Metal  bill16469.3
8 UFO: Steady Rock BandHeavy Metal  bill9071
9 Blue Cheer and Dickie PetersonHeavy Metal, Psychedelic Rock  arnold4162
10 MotörheadHeavy Metal  charles10769.5
11 Disturbed: American Rock BandHeavy Metal  charles7660.4
12 Metallica Nuts & BoltsHeavy Metal  havemercy74856.4
13 Pantera FundamentalsHeavy Metal  eyelessgavin7467.2
14 Atreyu FundamentalsHeavy Metal  eyelessgavin36555
15 From Autumn To AshesHeavy Metal  eyelessgavin2774.4
16 Slapshock Verse-Song Match GameRap and Hip-Hop, Heavy Metal  deconstruction3937.9
17 Rob Zombie- Musician/ Writer/ Director/ ProducerMovies, Heavy MetalRob Zombie  dartjock1472.1
18 Jani LaneHeavy Metal, Glam RockJani Lane  jetrose814365.3
19 Skid Row: American Heavy Metal BandHeavy Metal, Glam Rock  jetrose818663
20 Ronnie James DioSingers, Heavy Metal, Rock MusicRonnie Dio  jetrose8111464

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