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Trivia Quizzes - TV Dramadey

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
2 Breaking Bad - Seasons 1-2American TV Dramas, TV Dramadey  garrett25151
3 The Courtship of Eddie's Father: Cute Show!TV Dramadey  dana18464.6
4 M*A*S*H Character MatchTV Dramadey, M*A*S*H  madman45492.8
5 Desperate Housewives: Residents of Wisteria LaneTV Dramadey  lmcubs8187.8
6 Moonlighting: Oh, the Dramedy!TV Dramadey  lmcubs6569.4
7 The Wonder Years: American Comedy-DramaTV Dramadey  tazzytina16183.7
8 M*A*S*H Characters: Hawkeye PierceFictional Characters, TV Dramadey, M*A*S*H  0zero069974
9 Burn Notice: The BasicsAmerican TV Dramas, TV Dramadey  Samurai Sam20784.4
10 Psych: TV's First Fake Psychic ShowTV Dramadey  Samurai Sam34888.1
11 Here Come the Brides TV ShowTV Dramadey  cindilee36788.1

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