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Annual Prize Info

PeopleQuiz recognizes the need to reward our players for their participation. In addition to our monthly contests, we also provide year-end grand prizes to our top three players for earning the most points over the course of the year. Prizes are as follows:

First Place - $200 cashier's check

Second Place - $100 cashier's check

Third Place - $50 cashier's check

Each year's grand prize contest will run for that calendar year. Prizes will be awarded in American dollars in the form of a cashier's check. They will be mailed in January of the following year.

Previous years grand prize winners are:
2007 - LittleLady
2008 - Samurai Sam
2009 - grant228
2010 - FRANKL1965

Look for the yearly scoreboard to keep track of the yealy leaderboard. Have at it and good luck!

Bill & Dave

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