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Biographies - Thomas A Edison
Thomas Edison
Image Source: Thomas Edison @ Wikipedia
Thomas A Edison
Born: February 11, 1847
Died: October 18, 1931
American inventor and businessman who developed many devices which greatly influenced life worldwide into the 21st century. He is credited for over 1,500 patents and for the invention of the incadescent light bulb in the late 1870s.

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Thomas Alva Edison was an inventor and businessman who developed many important devices. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"The Wizard of Menlo Park\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" was one of the first inventors to apply the principles of mass production to the process of invention. Edison is considered the most prolific inventor, holding 1,093 patents in his name. Some of these inventions were not completely original but improvements of earlier patents, and were actually works of his numerous employees. Edison was sometimes criticized for not sharing the credit, but it was understood by his experimenters that all work was the property of their employer. Nevertheless, Edison received patents worldwide, including the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Edison started the Motion Picture Patents Company, which was a conglomerate of nine major film studios (commonly known as the Edison Trust).

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